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Is Happy Endings season 4 happening?

Is Happy Endings season 4 happening? image

Once you have the chance to binge-watch Happy Endings for the first or millionth time when it becomes available on Netflix in June 2021, you’ll be wondering one thing: Where’s season 4?

Even though Happy Endings doesn’t end on a cliffhanger ending that will leave you guessing, the series finale will definitely leave you wanting more from the close-knit Chicago sextet. Unfortunately, during its rocky run on ABC from 2011 to 2013, low ratings forced the network to call it quits with the relationship comedy after only three seasons.

Since its cancellation, which has long been called one of the worst decisions in television, fans have been clamoring for a Happy Endings season 4 to reunite the gang for more shenanigans, and the cast has been up for it. All six have reunited for a table read of a “lost” episode for EW PopFest in October 2016, and they reunited again for a virtual charity episode in July 2020.

But will Happy Endings ever return for a proper revival for the long-requested, highly anticipated fourth season on Netflix? Leading up to the relationship comedy’s arrival on the streaming service, here’s what we know about the prospects of season 4.

Will Happy Endings season 4 be on Netflix?

Currently, there are no concrete plans for Happy Endings season 4 to come to fruition on Netflix, but in this day and age of television, the motto seems to be “never say never.” We know that both the cast and creator are up for it along with the fans, so it’s definitely in the cards in the future.

Efforts to bring the show back have often been thwarted by timing. While we’re not exactly sure how close Happy Endings has ever gotten to actually coming back, the cast has remained booked and busy since the 2013 cancellation, making it tough to lock them down at the same time.

However, who’s to say how the fates will change for the critical darling after Netflix binge-watchers get their hands on it? Reignited interest in shows through nostalgic re-watches and first-time viewers discovering older series has done wonders for old favorites like Will & Grace and Gilmore Girls.

For now, Happy Endings season 4 isn’t going to be on Netflix, but anything can happen. We certainly want it to happen, and it would make a perfect addition to the Netflix original series catalog. Wouldn’t it be a-mah-zing to get another season after all these years?

Stay tuned for the latest updates about Happy Endings season 4, and don’t forget to watch the complete series on Netflix starting this June.

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