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Is Family Guy on Netflix?

Is Family Guy on Netflix? image

The animated series Family Guy has been making home audiences laugh for years, and many subscribers are eager to know if the wickedly funny sitcom is available to stream on Netflix.

Family Guy follows the misadventures of The Griffin family in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island. The series’ infamous format of gut-busting cutaways and hilarious pop culture references are what help it confidently stand out amongst the rest of the competition. There have been 19 seasons of the animated sitcom with over 350 episodes out there to enjoy.

In 2009, the show was nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, which hadn’t been done by an animated series since The Flinstones all the way back in 1961. The series has been nominated for an impressive 11 Annie awards and 12 Primetime Emmy Awards taking home three wins from each over the course of its existence. It was even ranked in the top ten of TV Guides’ list of Greatest TV Cartoons of All Time.

Whether it’s the Star Wars parodies or epic chicken fights, there is never a dull moment on Family Guy. There are so many great episodes to choose from, and it makes sense people are looking to enjoy all of them repeatedly, some hoping that Netflix would be the place to find them.

Is Family Guy available on Netflix?

There is no denying that Family Guy makes for a fun-filled binge session, and subscribers would love to add this show to their watch list. But unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t have Family Guy in its library, so fans looking to party with the griffins will have to look elsewhere.

But all hope is not lost as the streaming service has plenty of other adult-oriented animated endeavors available. Shows like Paradise PD, BoJack Horseman, Disenchantment, and Big Mouth are just some of the stellar choices ready to stream right now.

Where you can stream Family Guy

The series Family Guy is available to stream on Hulu. It is also available for purchase on most VOD platforms.

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