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Is a Stowaway sequel happening?


Netflix took viewers back to space with the original movie Stowaway starring Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson, and Toni Collette. Reaching Mars, the ever present possible second home planet for humanity was the goal of the MTS-42 crew, but it wasn’t the purpose of the film. No, this drama focused on survival.

When the Hyperion team launched their mission, they were a trio. The spacecraft had enough supplies to ensure their ability to arrive at the Mars colony as safely as their calculations could predict complete with contingency plans.

However, the appearance of a “stowaway” who’s revealed to have accidentally ended up on the ship, throws everything they had meticulously planned for out of the window. With their carbon dioxide scrubber completely destroyed and the oxygen levels in the ship depleting, the original crew are faced with a tough and incredibly selfish decision.

Should they kill their unexpected fourth crew member? Or risk losing their lives and jeopardize the two-year mission they’ve embarked on?

Is there a Stowaway sequel in the works?

The conclusion of Stowaway pretty much brings the film to a close without enough thread for a sequel. There isn’t a cliffhanger to prompt a follow-up film. Also, the space drama never seemed as concerned with the actual mission to Mars as it was with the internal struggles the MTS-42 team were dealing with over their steadily failing ship.

It’s unlikely a second movie will come from this universe as its plot is very insular and focused on a singular dire situation. To stretch what little material was left to explore would be a disservice to the film’s ending which focused on personal sacrifice and the meaning one’s actions can give to their life.

We’ll keep you posted if news of a Stowaway sequel rolls in, but we doubt that’s in the cards for the Hyperion crew.

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