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How To Remove Facial Hair

How To Remove Facial Hair image

Completely wiped off unwanted facial hair in just 20 minutes

Women use a variety of bleach and other hair remover creams to get rid of unwanted hair where the creams get rid of these hairs as well as leave side effects.

how to get rid of unwanted hair from Orange.


1 – Orange …….. a number

2 – Honey … a tablespoon

3 – Cup … a number

4 – Spoon

The Method of Preparation :

Add a small portion of orange to the bowl.

Mix with a spoon.

Add honey.

Mix well.

How to apply:

Massage where there is unwanted hair.

Leave on for twenty to twenty-five minutes, then wash your face.

You will be amazed that all the unwanted facial hair is completely cleansed.

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