Houston pulls away with 15-0 fourth quarter run, beat OKC to take 2-0 series lead


Houston pulls away with 15-0 fourth quarter run, beat OKC to take 2-0 series lead

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Kings owner Vivek Ranadive reportedly wanted to put Joe Dumars in charge of the front office, pushing general manager Vlade Divac into a supporting role. Divac disliked that plan and resigned. Dumars now runs Sacramento’s front office. Reportedly, Dumars would likely remain in charge for at least a year.

The Kings appeared to have the lead executive they wanted all along.

Which made their announced search for a permanent general manager confusing – especially to potential candidates. Would they have power to run the team or just work under Dumars?

Sacramento is trying to clarify.

Sam Amick and Shams Charania of The Athletic:

The new GM will answer to Kings owner Vivek Ranadive — and not to Dumars.

Dumars has no interest in being the long-term head of basketball operations, and will not be a candidate in the search. In fact, he’s expected to be a pivotal part of the process and will likely interview candidates alongside Ranadive.

There is no timeline for the search

The Kings remain chaotic. So much of the turmoil is self-inflicted, from Ranadive down.

I’d consider a year in the NBA calendar long-term. The Kings and Dumars can describe his tenure however they want, but if he’s in charge that long, he’s the general manager. It’s his job.

Maybe he truly plans to step aside for someone else, but a new general manager ought to be concerned if Dumars remains in the organization. Dumars clearly holds sway with Ranadive. That could lead to a struggle for control.

Of course, maybe Dumars will just settle in as a helpful advisor. The architect of a Pistons championship team, he brings valuable perspective. (His numerous late-tenure errors in Detroit explain why it’s not safe just to hand him a prominent position.)

If the Kings want Dumars to run their front office, they should make that clear. If they want someone else to run their front office, they should make that clear.

This seems like an attempt at the latter, but given the initial confusion, the picture still remains somewhat murky.

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