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5 best horror movies on Netflix: May 22, 2021

5 best horror movies on Netflix: May 22, 2021 image

Ready for a haunting weekend? Netflix has released a new zombie flick, so you can already guess this week’s theme! Zombies and the apocalypse! Here are five zombie horror movies to watch this weekend.

What will you be watching on Netflix this weekend? The streaming titan adds new content weekly (almost daily), and you may believe they’re all romantic comedies, reality TV, and fun dramas, but  Netflix actually has a decent selection of horror movies.

In fact, Netflix released a horror movie just in time for the weekend, Army of the Dead. Now, the movie may not be the horror you are used to, but the Zack Snyder film is classified as a horror due to its gore and strong bloody violence.

That said, why not stick to the zombie theme? Let’s dive into some of the most exciting and thrilling horror movies that focus on the apocalypse.

Best horror movies on Netflix

1. Army of the Dead

The latest zombie flick to join Netflix follows a group of mercenaries in Las Vegas who are planning the ultimate heist amid a zombie apocalypse. The star-studded cast includes Dave Bautista, Theo Rossi, Ana de la Reguera, and others.

2. Day of the Dead: Bloodline

The 2018 movie, starring Johnathon Schaech and Sophie Skelton, is the reimagining of the 1985 classic. Day of the Dead: Bloodline centers on a medical student struggling to survive and find a cure to an evil human-zombie hybrid.

3. How it Ends

Theo James and Forest Whitaker star in How it Ends, which sees a young lawyer go on a dangerous journey to reach his pregnant wife. His father-in-law joins the road trip, but his wife is thousands of miles away and they are amid an apocalypse.

4. Hospital

If you think there’s too much action and not enough scares in the movies above, let’s turn things up a notch. Hospital is still in the apocalypse theme but is heavier on the thrills and frights.

The movie takes place in an abandoned hospital in Tainan. There, a group who wish to communicate with dead loved ones get more than they bargained for.

5. #Alive

A virus sweeps a city, changing those who get infected into vicious, hungry zombies. One survivor finds himself trapped inside his apartment watching everything unfold, but how will he get out alive?

Which horror movies on Netflix will you be watching this weekend? Let us know if we missed a good scary movie!

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