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Is Hell’s Kitchen on Netflix?

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The renowned British chef Gordon Ramsay has a string of successful reality shows under his belt, including Hell’s Kitchen, and the popularity of all his shows definitely speaks for itself.

From the endless memes that come from MasterChef and MasterChef Junior to the horde of insults that Gordon Ramsay throws at not-so-good restaurant owners in Kitchen Nightmares, the amount of TV series where you can watch with Ramsay call someone an idiot sandwich is limitless.

Gordon Ramsay fans are probably wondering where they can watch Gordon Ramsay’s best cooking competition show, Hell’s Kitchen. 

We tell you where you can stream right here.

Is Hell’s Kitchen on Netflix?

Unfortunately, it looks like Hell’s Kitchen is currently not available on Netflix, and it doesn’t appear to be returning to the streaming platform any time soon.

According to What’s On Netflix, Hell’s Kitchen‘s original television network FOX did not renew its contract with Netflix, and as a result of the expiration, all of Ramsay’s shows were taken off the platform.

As of right now, FOX has yet to show any signs of renewing a contract and we’re not too sure when or if the television network will. However, there’s no need to put away your kitchen utensils as Hell’s Kitchen is currently streaming somewhere else.

Where can I stream Hell’s Kitchen?

Currently, you can stream seasons 10 through 19 as well as the first season of the cooking competition series on Hulu. Additionally, you can stream every season of Hell’s Kitchen on Amazon Prime Video for a small subscription fee.

While the cooking series isn’t back on Netflix as of yet, there are tons of other cooking shows like Nailed It!, Sugar Rush, The Big Family Cooking Showdown or The Great British Bake Off that you can watch on Netflix while you wait for its return.

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