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9 Best Free Business Name Generators + How to Use Them

9 Best Free Business Name Generators + How to Use Them image

There are many different things you have to do when starting a business, and choosing the right name is among the most important. You want something memorable and also something that conveys what your business offers to potential customers. Luckily, there are many free business name generators out there to help you make the right choice.

How free business name generators work

Every business name generator is a little bit different, but generally, you will type in a word related to your business, and the generator will give you a list of potential names based on that word.

The most effective way to use the free business name generators on this list is to pick one or two words that relate directly to your business, and put them through different generators until you find the perfect name.

Best free business name generatorsBest free business name generators

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How to choose the best input word

Not sure what to enter into these free business name generators exactly? Think about what your customer needs to know about your business before anything else.

This usually includes things like your market, niche, product category, or main product line.

For example, if you have a store selling accessories for baristas or any other coffee-related products then you can go with a simple “coffee supplies.” If that doesn’t produce any satisfactory results, change the seed keyword to something else and repeat.

The main idea here is to experiment with different settings and seed keywords. There’s no limit on how many times you can use any of these tools.

The best free business name generators

1. Naming.net

Best free business name generators: NamingBest free business name generators: Naming

Naming.net allows you to generate names based on words, syllables, or even letters.

You can then choose to generate names by adding a variety of elements such as common words or Greek and Latin prefixes.

You can also choose how many syllables the names generated should have and attach an extension such as .com if you plan to use the name for a website.


Here’s an example of what this looks like in action:

naming searchnaming search

2. DomainWheel

Best free business name generators: DomainWheelBest free business name generators: DomainWheel

On the surface, it may seem that DomainWheel is purely a domain name generator, but there’s actually a lot more to it. This all comes down to DomainWheel’s original algorithm that’s used to come up with new domain names.

Instead of just checking what variations of the seed keywords are available for domain registration, DomainWheel uses AI to include additional words that relate to the phrase given as the seed.


As a result, you get names that retain the original intent, but also expand the phrase and make it more unique. This can give you some great ideas when trying to name your business.

Here’s what happens when I search using our test phrase, “coffee supplies”:

domainwheel namesdomainwheel names

If you like any of these names, you can click on it and register your domain name right away.

3. Anadea

Best free business name generators: AnadeaBest free business name generators: Anadea

Anadea is a full-service software development company, helping entrepreneurs of all kinds create mobile apps and websites with advanced functionality.

They also offer a couple of free business tools, including a free business name generator.

All you need to do in order to use this powerful tool is enter a keyword related to your business and press “Generate names.”


You will then be given a list of suggestions, such as the one below:

anadea namesanadea names

You aren’t able to customize how names are generated, but the names this tool comes up with are some of the best you’ll get from any of the free business name generators on this list.

4. NameSmith

Best free business name generators: NameSmithBest free business name generators: NameSmith

NameSmith is specifically designed to help you find an appropriate domain name for your business.

Their system automatically searches the domain market for each name they suggest.

Names that currently aren’t available for registration don’t appear in the results.

This is great if you’re trying to name an online-only business. If you don’t like what’s available, you can include less common extensions in your search, which will return more names.


NameSmith generates names in a variety of ways, such as modifying your chosen keyword to make a new word. You do not get to customize how these names are created.

namesmith namesnamesmith names

NameSmith also has a random name generator that you can use if you haven’t chosen an input word. However, these names won’t give you the SEO boost that a relevant name will.

5. Shopify Business Name Generator

Best free business name generators: ShopifyBest free business name generators: Shopify

The Shopify business name generator is, as one might expect, a tool designed specifically to help people who want to open a store with Shopify, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you have other plans.

You can conduct your search and see your results without signing up for anything.

This tool primarily generates names by adding new words to the keyword you’ve specified, such as in the example below:


shopify namesshopify names

This is a good tool if you’re indeed planning to then build a Shopify store using your new name. The tool shows you if the names you’re looking at are available for new Shopify stores, and you can proceed to set one up in a couple of clicks.

6. Oberlo

Best free business name generators: OberloBest free business name generators: Oberlo

Oberlo itself is a Shopify subsidiary that makes it easy for people to create dropshipping businesses.

Their business name generator works in much the same way as the Shopify one, but the names you’ll get are a little bit different.

Take a look at what shows up when we use our test phrase:


oberlo namesoberlo names

If you want to set your business up with Oberlo, you can click on your preferred name to be taken directly to their sign up page. Your chosen name will not automatically be reserved, however; you will need to claim it manually during the registration process.

7. Namelix

Best free business name generators: NamelixBest free business name generators: Namelix

Namelix is an AI-powered business name generator with lots of options for customization.

After entering your input word, you will be asked to choose how long the names generated should be and what style of name you’re looking for.

You can even see a couple of examples of what each style of brand name will look like:


Namelix name stylesNamelix name styles

You are, however, limited to choosing one style at a time. If you want to look at two or three styles of names, you will have to run two or three different searches. If you want to look through all of the name styles, you will have to run individual searches for each of them. This can be a bit tedious, but it’s a great way to see all of your options.

Here are some of the names generated by Namelix based on our test term:

namelix namesnamelix names

Namelix is connected to the popular domain name registrar Namecheap. This means that all of the names generated are available for use as domain names. If you like any of the names, you can click on it and go directly to the domain registration process.

You will note that the search results along the top don’t seem relevant to the keyword you chose and have a small “premium” banner across the bottom of their images. These are ads for domains available for resale, which makes them significantly more costly than an average domain purchase. You can go ahead and ignore those.

8. Novanym

Best free business name generators: NovanymBest free business name generators: Novanym

The Novanym business name generator uses AI to generate hundreds of potential names in roughly one minute.

You can either do a simple search by entering a relevant keyword, or help Novanym choose the right name by selecting your industry and the style of name you want.

You will note three things that make Novanym different from most of the free business name generators on this list. First, they generate more than names; each name is generated with three potential logos.


novanym namesnovanym names

Second, Novanym doesn’t actually include your keyword in their names. Instead, they generate memorable names that sound appropriate for the keyword and industry you have specified.

Last but certainly not least, they sell these names – and the associated logos – at premium prices, much more than the cost of a domain. The .com domain associated with the chosen name is already registered by Novanym, and will become yours during the purchase process.

If you like one of the names selected by Novanym but you don’t want to pay the premium prices, you have a couple of options. You can modify the name by changing the spelling or adding keywords. Or, you can choose a different extension such as .net or .org.

9. WordLab

Best free business name generators: WordLabBest free business name generators: WordLab

If you’re looking for a name that focuses on creativity and memorability before SEO, WordLab is the name generator you want.

No input word is required to use this generator: simply press the “Get Name” button and see what comes up.

There are millions of options to choose from, so you’re bound to find something interesting eventually.


If you do choose a name from the WordLab generator, keep in mind that you won’t have your company name as part of the domain name. Having a relevant domain name is one of the easiest ways to boost your SEO, and as a new business with no word-of-mouth marketing to rely upon, you’ll want to be attracting people through search engines.

Here’s an example of the type of name you might find at WordLab:

WordLab suggestionWordLab suggestion

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Final thoughts on the best free business name generators

All of these free business name generators can give you near-instant access to dozens of creative brand name ideas. And you’re not limited to using one of them: you can use two, or three, or even all of them if you’re struggling to choose the best name for your business. It’s entirely up to you and your needs.

Additionally, help yourself to any of these domain name generators to go even more in-depth when looking for your perfect domain name.

Did these tools help you name your business? We would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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