Donald Trump Hits Golf Ball in the Water And Screams, ‘I Hate This F***ing Hole!!!’


Donald Trump Hits Golf Ball in the Water And Screams, ‘I Hate This F***ing Hole!!!’

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Donald Trump got in a few holes before his Thanksgiving dinner, but it went about as well as the election for him … and he was VERY vocal about it.

Trump was playing Thursday at his golf course in Sterling, Virginia, and he got teed off after he teed off and the ball went in the drink.

You hear Trump grouse, “Oh s**t,” and it’s clear he had a history with this particular hole, and it ain’t a good one. As he watches the ball disappear in the water, he mutters, “I hate this f**king hole!!!”

You’d think he’d change the configuration of the pesky hole … after all, he owns the course. He doesn’t even need to be President to do that.

Maybe Trump was off his game because he’s still so pissed off about the election. He was tweeting up a storm, again claiming he won the election, saying, “Just saw the vote tabulations.  There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION.”

Trump is spending his Thanksgiving at the White House instead of Mar-a-Lago. He will have dinner with his ‘immediate family,’ the White House said.

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