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When is Bridgerton season 4 coming to Netflix?

When is Bridgerton season 4 coming to Netflix? image

The Netflix original series Bridgerton is one of the most popular and talked about shows the streaming powerhouse has ever put out, and already fans are wondering when Bridgerton season 4 will be coming out, even before the second and the third have premiered.

Netflix has put out a lot of hit original series since it started making shows, and one of their biggest success stories is, without a doubt, Shonda Rhimes’ period drama based on Julia Quinn’s novels. Bridgerton is one of Netflix’s most-watched shows and everyone that enjoyed every second of drama and betrayal that unfolds on screen is very excited for the arrival of new seasons.

In January 2021, the second season of the Netflix original series was greenlit, but then, later on, it was learned that Rege-Jean Page would not be in the mix for future installments. His character isn’t in the books, and while a Duke-less Bridgerton seems strange, it still feels like a must-watch endeavor for those that love the genre or great TV.

Things got even better for Bridgerton fans when showrunner Chris Van Dusen announced that the streaming service’s series had also been renewed for a third and fourth outing well before the second season’s arrival. Netflix is going big on its biggest hit, and the critically acclaimed series doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon.

When will Bridgerton season 4 be available on Netflix?

Netflix has not issued any kind of release date or announced any timetable for release regarding Bridgerton seasons 2, 3, and 4. But if one looks at when the first chapter arrived, which was on December 25, 2020, it’s easy to surmise a potential window for the subsequent runs to premiere.

There is a solid chance that Bridgerton season 2 will come out in late 2021 or early 2022. Bridgerton season 3, because it’s already been put on the agenda, would then presumably not take too long to follow showing up in late 2022 or early 2023.

This would leave the door open for Bridgerton season 4 to come out in late 2023 or early 2024. Fans shouldn’t make their calendars just yet as this is just speculation at this time, and fans should make sure to follow Netflix Life to stay up to date on everything that comes out on Bridgerton as well as everything else the streaming service has to offer.

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