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Did Netflix just confirm Bridgerton season 2 isn’t coming in 2021?

Did Netflix just confirm Bridgerton season 2 isn’t coming in 2021? image

From the moment Netflix announced Bridgerton season 2 was in the works, fans have been eager for any information regarding when the next season of Netflix’s breakout romantic drama will arrive.

Debuting in December 2020, Bridgerton season 1 quickly caught the attention of Netflix viewers in telling the love story of Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and the Duke of Hastings Simon Basset (Rege-Jean Page) in an epic and sweeping Regency-era set romantic period piece.

The series managed to become the most-watched Netflix Original to date and it wasn’t long after Netflix bet big on the show in handing out a surprise two-season renewal just weeks after picking the show up for season 2.

Although season 2 will be without the Duke of Hastings as Page was only signed onto the series via a one-year deal, there is a lot to look forward to in season 2 and beyond! Season 2 will put the focus on Anthony Bridgerton and his search for love with what promises to be yet another eventful and sweeping season full of romance and drama. Unfortunately, though, it seems we could be in for a longer than anticipated break between seasons.

When is Bridgerton season 2 coming out?

During a shareholder call on April 20, Netflix gushed that the second half of 2021 would feature the release of a handful of anticipated titles. In a published shareholder letter, Netflix touted that tentpole shows such as The Witcher, Money Heist and You would be coming in 2021.

The move was designed to showcase some of the upcoming quarters’ biggest releases to shareholders in hopes of highlighting the exciting shows coming later this year. Noticeably missing from the list was Bridgerton season 2 which sent up some serious red flags and has us wondering whether Netflix just confirmed that season 2 will not be coming in 2021.

Considering how big the show was for Netflix, one has to imagine that Netflix would want to promote the show’s second season as a major event for the final months of 2021. Sure we understand not showing their hand too soon with an exact release date, but wouldn’t one want to promote to shareholders that their biggest show of 2020 would be returning if a 2021 release was in the cards?

At this time, it’s important to note that there no official release date has been announced by Netflix; however, when you factor in that production on season 2 is only just gearing up to begin, an early 2022 release date doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

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