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5 best shows on Netflix for Mother’s Day weekend 2021

5 best shows on Netflix for Mother’s Day weekend 2021 image

Happy Mother’s Day weekend! Don’t forget to wish your mother a happy day and then check out all the amazing TV shows to binge-watch on Netflix.

There are a bunch of good shows to watch on Netflix this weekend, including a some great Netflix new releases and Netflix originals.

We shared the list of the best shows on Netflix this weekend below! If you’re looking for what to watch on Netflix this weekend, you can’t go wrong with one of these picks.

Best shows on Netflix

1. The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness

This is a new limited series, and viewers love it. The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness is based on the true story of horrific events that took place in the 1970s and one man’s search for the truth.

David Berkowitz was arrested as the Son of Sam killer, but investigative journalist Maury Terry didn’t believe that Berkowitz worked alone. The killer(s) murdered six women, and seven others were wounded in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

The search for the other killers consumed Terry, which inspired him to write the book that this docuseries is based on. This series will change what you thought you knew about the Son of Sam killer.

2. Selena: The Series 

Part 2 of Selena: The Series that chronicles the life of Selena Quintanilla was added to , and the series is already sitting in the number two spot on Netflix’s top ten TV shows list.

Selena is portrayed by Christian Serratos, who is terrific portraying the late singer. The second part of the series focuses on Selena’s rise to stardom and all the ups and downs that follow. She must struggle with her love life, family life and career.

Most people know the story of Selena’s murder by her fan club president, but this series focuses on her life and all she accomplished in such a short time.

3. The Innocent

The new series, The Innocent, joins the growing number of TV adaptations from books written by Harlan Coben. The series marks the first Spanish production from Coben’s works.

The story is changed the setting from New Jersey to Barcelona but otherwise follows the novel’s storyline. Mateo, the main character, spends time in jail for murdering someone in a bar fight. After completing his sentence, he tries to rebuild his life, but something goes wrong, and he will have to prove his innocence.

The limited series consists of eight episodes. It stars Mario Casas, Alexandra Jiménez, Aura Garrido and José Coronado.

Other series inspired by Coben’s works include The Woods, The Stranger, The Five and Safe. 

4. Jupiter’s Legacy 

This series is based on comic book series of the same name. Jupiter’s Legacy is a superhero drama where the previous generation of heroes relies on their children to carry on their legacy.

The older generation of superheroes was bestowed their superpowers in the 1930s. Now, they are watching their offspring try to fill their shoes and live up to the standards they set in the present day.

The series alternates from present day and 1929, when six ordinary people were chosen to embark on a journey to an island where they would receive their superpowers to fix the world’s problems.

The series stars Josh Duhamel, Ben Daniels, Leslie Bibb, Elena Kampouris, Andrew Horton, Mike Wade, Matt Lanter and David Julian Hirsh.

5. Better Call Saul

Fans of Breaking Bad were pleasantly surprised that the spinoff prequel Better Call Saul lived up to the hype. There was much chatter about Saul Goodman not being able to carry his own series.

The series follows conman James “Jimmy” McGill (Bob Odenkirk) and his transformation into Saul Goodman, criminal lawyer. The events in the series pre-date Breaking Bad and Goodman’s interactions with Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. Better Call Saul does set up some of the relationships that carry over into the main series.

Additional cast members include Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, Michael McKean, Giancarlo Esposito and Tony Dalton, some of whom you will recognize from the flagship series.

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