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Back to the Future movies are coming to Netflix: May 1, 2021

Back to the Future movies are coming to Netflix: May 1, 2021 image

All three of the Back to the Future movies will be returning to Netflix. The movies only left the streamer in December 2020, and for whatever reason, they are back! All three movies will be released on May 1, 2021.

The movies are some of the biggest Netflix new releases of May 2021.

You will be able to rewatch Doc (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty (Michael J. Fox) and their adventures through time. Perhaps you could even introduce the films to someone who hasn’t seen them yet. These films have been one of Universal’s most successful franchises. Interestingly, The National Film Registry recognizes the films for the historical and cultural significance.

This trilogy follows Marty McFly, whose best friend is an ageless scientist Doc Brown. Doc creates a time machine that transports Marty back to the year1955 and forward to 2015, and then back to the old west in 1885. Each time he visits a new year, he looks up his friend Doc, and they try to keep the world from knowing they have discovered time travel. It is quite amusing to see what the creators thought life in 2015 would look like; it was imagined very different than reality.

What time can you watch the Back to the Future movies on Netflix?

All three Back to the Future movies will be available on May 1, 12:01 am PST. This might not be a convenient time to watch all three but be sure to set the reminders for these and add them to your queue.

Additional cast members include Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, Tom Wilson, Claudia Wells, Jeffrey Weissman, Billy Zane, Huey Lewis,  and Mary Steenburgen. The movies starred many actors who went on to become major names in the film industry.

Another interesting fact is that many of the actors portrayed their characters not only in1985 but also played relatives or themselves at different ages as Marty travels back and forth through time.

Will you be watching?

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