Armie Hammer’s Alleged And Disturbing DMs Have Leaked, And It’s Very Hannibal Lecter-y


Armie Hammer’s Alleged And Disturbing DMs Have Leaked, And It’s Very Hannibal Lecter-y

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Well, here we are – welcome to the second week of 2021, in which we kick things off with (checks notes nervously and cautiously) Armie Hammer allegedly, maybe, perhaps being a deeply-horny blood-drinking dom. With that being said, take a deep breath, because we’re about to peel back another layer of things you didn’t need to know about Armie Hammer.

So, right away, it should be noted that none of these have been confirmed by Armie himself. This isn’t a “whoops I got caught liking rope shit on Twitter” situation. Last July, alleged DMs from Armie made the rounds, and in DMs, he tried to hook up with someone while being very much married and called the woman his “kitten” and called himself “daddy.” These new alleged DMs were shared to Twitter and Tumblr, and they come from women who have allegedly been messaged by Armie Hammer or were alleged former sexual partners of Armie. Getting tied up might be spicy to some, but apparently, bondage is practically vanilla candles and missionary, according to these alleged DMs. We’ve got the admission that this “Daddy” gets “so hard” from thinking about holding a woman’s real-ass heart in their hand. That Daddy demands to drink their blood. That Daddy is “100% a cannibal.” 100%? How do you test for such a thing, really? 23andEatMe? I’ll show myself all the way out for that one.

There’s also the disturbing revelation that the sender of the DMs (again, alleged that it’s Armie), has cut an animal’s heart out and eaten it. This is made especially NOPE-ier when you see over and over again that the women on the receiving end of said DMs are often referred to as “Kitten.” There’s also a DM with the kind of role-play that would have Ice-T screwing up his face and calling someone a sick puppy on Law & Order: SVU.

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, who dated Armie last year, also posted an Instagram Story that she claims is Armie’s voice and also showed support for those speaking out:

As I mentioned many, many times above, all of these DMs are alleged to have come from Armie Hammer, which means they might have, and they might not have. Lots of people think they’re real, but points out there are also plenty who believe the screenshots have been doctored or are just plain fake. Armie has quit Twitter previously, calling it “toxic.” So if he does have anything to say about this situation, I have a feeling it’s going to be another accusation that Twitter is a messy place to be for a man named Armie.

Armie Hammer split from his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, back in July of last year. And rumor has it, things started to fall apart after Elizabeth caught Armie texting with someone, who was assumed to be his Rebecca co-star Lily James. At this point, I’m starting to think the beginning of the end was when Elizabeth caught a glimpse of a text on Armie’s phone about how excited he is to play with his kitten. “Armie, what’s this? We don’t have a cat…“. Well, that, or the sudden requests for his steak to be cooked extra extra extra rare.


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