Amazon Giving $500M in Holiday Bonuses to Frontline Workers


Amazon Giving $500M in Holiday Bonuses to Frontline Workers

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Amazon‘s buying lots of love this year … by giving away $500 million in holiday bonuses to its frontline workers.

The shipping giant announced Thursday the one-time bonus will go to frontline employees in the US of A working the holiday season during the COVID-19 pandemic. Full-time staff working during the month of December will each get $300. Part-timers will get $150.

The news comes just days after Amazon veteran staffers grew furious over new hires getting as much as $3,000 in signing bonuses to work the holiday season … while vets got measly turkey vouchers worth about 10 bucks.

This is the second time Amazon has rolled out a one-time bonus … back in June it doled out another $500 million to its U.S. workforce. It’s bittersweet, really. Remember … Amazon’s caught a lot of flak for reportedly overworking employees during a pandemic.

Making matters worse … many workers said they did NOT feel safe from the virus. At the time, Amazon declined to disclose how many of its workers had been infected by the virus … before finally revealing in October nearly 20k employees were either presumed or confirmed to have contracted coronavirus.

Amazon honcho Jeff Bezos crossing the $200 billion net worth has also riled up his critics. You’ll recall protesters targeted his D.C. home back in June … with a guillotine.

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