After getting the date wrong earlier, Siri now knows today is Election Day


After getting the date wrong earlier, Siri now knows today is Election Day

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Listen chief, it’s Election Day in the United States. You know that, I know that. Everyone knows that — and in the off-chance anyone wasn’t clued in to the fact, the last few weeks have offered a non-stop barrage of reminders to vote. Today. Tuesday. November 3. 2020.

It seems the last one to find out, however, was Siri . If you happened to greet Apple’s smart assistant with a “Happy Election Day” earlier today, it may well have answered that the big day isn’t until November 8, as pointed out by noted Twitter enthusiast, Lucas Matney.

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Apple has since fixed the issue, though the problem appears to be that Siri jumped the gun here. November 8 is, in fact, election day. Just not this year. November 8, 2022 marks another major election here in the U.S. — namely the midterms, which will no doubt be all sorts of fun and nerve-racking in their own beautiful way. A never-ending source if anxiety, this beautiful thing the ancient Greeks called “democracy.”

Siri notably wasn’t the only one that mixed up their dates. An Instagram cache issue earlier today caused the social media service to suggest to users that “Tomorrow is Election Day.” Which, it’s not. While it seems likely the presidential race will still be up in the air come tomorrow, showing up at your polling place to vote will likely be frowned upon.



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