Opera houses that should be seen

Fascination with opera New Opera House in Copenhagen

Operas are cathedrals for music, stages for their audience and sometimes a glamorous ballroom. Anyone who visits them is ready for a festive, unforgettable evening. Ten opera houses to fall in love with.

Austria Vienna Opera Ball (Reuters / L. Niesner)

Vienna State Opera

Every year the Vienna State Opera transforms into an elegant ballroom, where 5000 guests frolic and waltz dance. For this, the seating is removed, a floor is pulled in. The Vienna Ball, which took place this Thursday under the motto “The Queen of the Night”, has invited a lesbian couple to dance as “debutantes” for the first time in its 200-year history.

Fascination with opera Overview, outside, fireworks opera ball in the Dresden Semperoper (picture-alliance / SCHROEWIG)

Semperoper, Dresden

The Semperoper in Dresden was again this year, on February 7th, the setting, and setting for the most beautiful ball night in Germany. It is unusual that the Semperoper Ball does not only have over 2000 guests watching the gala program indoors. It will also be broadcast on the forecourt, where around 15,000 visitors rock the waltzes and turn the night into a lavish celebration.

Fascination with opera Opera Garnier Paris (picture-alliance / Arco Images / T. Weise)

Opera Garnier, Paris

It is one of Europe’s largest opera houses, opened in 1875. A neo-baroque piece of jewelry that is considered a prime example of theater construction in architectural history. A highlight is the huge marble staircase in the foyer, the perfect catwalk for vanities. Because self-portrayal of the audience has always been at least as important as the staging on stage.

Fascination with opera Scala theater in Milan, Italy (picture-alliance / Prisma / S. Mats)

Teatro Alla Scala, Milan

Opened in 1778, destroyed and rebuilt several times, the Scala is the opera of the operas. The “Inaugurazione”, the annual season-opening in December, is celebrated with great pomp as a major social event. Many famous works were premiered here. The Scala is associated with one name forever: Maria Callas, who set new standards here as a singer in the 1950s.

Fascination with opera Moscow Bolshoi Theater (picture-alliance / dpa / C. Thaler)

Bolshoi Theater, Moscow

A visit to the Bolshoi Theater is part of the permanent tourist program of a Moscow tourist. After all, it is Russia’s most famous theater for opera and ballet and is also one of the most beautiful theater buildings in the world. The precious interior comes from the middle of the 19th century and has been preserved in its original form to this day.

Fascination with opera Lincoln Center Opera House, Manhattan (picture-alliance / imageBROKER / H. Dobler)

Metropolitan Opera, New York

The New York Metropolitan Opera has been around since 1880, but it wasn’t until 1966 when it moved to the elegant building at Lincoln Center that “Met” became what it is today: one of the world’s leading opera houses. For more than 20 years, fans around the world have been able to attend top-class performances because there are regular live broadcasts to selected cinemas on all continents.

Fascination with opera Royal Opera House Vilar Floral Hall (picture-alliance / robertharding / S. Montgomery)

Royal Opera House, London

Britain’s most important opera house was founded in 1732. More than 20 operas and oratorios by Georg Friedrich Handel were premiered here. You don’t have to have an opera card to take a look at the building that was last completely renovated at the turn of the millennium. Several cafes and restaurants invite you to start the day in style from 10 a.m.

Fascination with opera Sydney Opera House (picture-alliance / imageBROKER / T. Haupt)

Sydney Opera House

This opera house is one of the most photographed tourist attractions in Sydney. After 14 years of construction, the visionary building was opened in 1973. The roof construction reached the limits of what was possible at the time: computers controlled with punch cards took 18 months to calculate the curvature and the statics of all roofs.

Opera houses (picture-alliance / ANN)

Guangzhou Opera House, China

The buildings protrude into the room like stones polished by the water of the Pearl River. This building by the Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid is considered by many fans of architecture and opera to be pioneering for opera construction in the 21st century as the Paris Opera by Charles Garnier in the 19th and the Opera in Sydney designed by Jørn Utzon for the 20th Century.

Fascination with opera New Opera House in Copenhagen (picture-alliance / dpa / dpaweb / EPA / KJ Pederse)

Royal Opera, Copenhagen

By boat to the opera in Copenhagen. The spectacular building stands on an island opposite Amalienborg Palace and is a gift from the Danish billionaire Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller. After four years of construction, the 335 million euro magnificent building was inaugurated in 2005. Opera fans come from everywhere – because of the exciting architecture and great acoustics.

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