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Open Post: Hosted By Victoria Beckham Saying She’d “Rather Die” Than Wear Justin Bieber’s Crocs

E! News says that Victoria Beckham got quite the surprise gift of lilac Crocs sent to her from none other than Justin Bieber. Well, more like sent to her by the interns at whatever PR firm works for his Drew House x Crocs collaboration. It seems that someone lacking absolute sense, reason and rationality decided the woman known as Posh Spice who said she didn’t smile because of her “responsibility to the fashion community” would then turn around and stab them in the eyes with lilac Crocs. She’d “rather die” first!

You can barely get Victoria Beckham in a flat shoe let alone this monstrosity, but some dope-head at Drew House thought that she would be the one to reach out to with a PR package. Victoria’s husband, David Beckham, and her son, Cruz Beckham, also got them but Victoria was the one who really gave the brand some attention. Promo achieved! Probably not how they wanted though. She showed her followers the shoes and joked about wearing them:

“A lot of people have been asking me what I’m planning on wearing after lockdown. What do we think about this suggestion from @justinbieber?…

OK this is so kind of Justin to send me some Crocs. Never worn a pair of Crocs. This did make me laugh, I mean, it is the thought that counts. Thank you so much.”

Then she posted a poll to her followers to decide her fate asking, “Will I be wearing lilac Crocs?!” 57% decided that Posh shouldn’t torture her feet by covering them with Justin Bieber’s hell shoes and 43% obviously hates Posh because they wanted her to slather her hooves with unholy ugliness. But Posh was happy that most didn’t want to torture her and wrote, “Well that was close! I think I’d rather die but thank you anyway @justinbieber.”

The last time the Spice Girls reunited was in 2019, and Posh was not a part of it because she made it clear that she has hung up her Little Black Gucci Dress for good and would rather smile while wearing something from Zara than lip-synch on stage again. So the next time a Spice Girls reunion happens, Mel B should call Victoria up and ask, “Victoria, would you rather reunite with the Spice Girls again or wear Justin Bieber’s Crocs?” My guess is that the next pap shot we’d see of Posh is her smiling happily while wearing the Biebs’ rubber heathen hoof gloves.


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