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Open Post: Hosted By The Teletubbies’ Pride Merch, Which Some People Think Is Their Way Of Coming Out

Like there’s really been a need for them to “come out.”

Some people (Jerry Falwell) have wondered about the sexuality of the Teletubbies, for some reason. And now, the Teletubbies have partnered with GLAAD for Pride Month and will be releasing a line of LGBTQ Pride merch, and people think this means the Teletubbies have come out!

PR Newswire says the Teletubbies’ Pride collection with GLAAD includes a bucket hat, sling bag, muscle tee, and tube socks:

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You can even get a custom Teletubbies suit made for you for the very reasonable price of $5,000!!!!

Justin Bieber is about to order one in every color, or sue for copyright infringement. Michael Riley, the Chief Brands Officer of WildBrain, the media company who owns The Teletubbies, said:

“The Teletubbies have always embraced their own offbeat quirkiness and sense of style. This Pride Month, we’re celebrating that ‘love who you are’ spirit through our Collection of ready-to-rave fashion that makes Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po very proud. We’ve taken the most iconic elements fans know and love about the Teletubbies and designed a playful Collection with fashion flair that we hope fans will love to wear this Pride Month and all year-long.”

As Queerty points out, because of this collection, people online are wondering if this means the Teletubbies have come out out. Tinky Winky especially has been accused (by Jerry Falwell) of being a coded gay character since the 1990s. Yes, Tinky Winky is an LGBTQ+  icon, but who cares if the Teletubbies are gay. I mean, there are bigger things to worry about. Like, have you seen a Teletubby out of costume?

Now that’s some scary shit!

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