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Open Post: Hosted By Justin Bieber Crooning “I’m So Lonely” To Prisoners

Justin Bieber‘s real career is hosting Open Post, but he took time off last month from his busy perch over here to drag his latest pastor and pimped-out RV over to California State Prison in L.A. County and inflict his screechy, pubescent Peter Brady voice on the prisoners there in order to… I dunno… make them try to think up ways to mercy-rig their face masks to cover their ailing ear holes while still complying with regulations?

Who among us doesn’t already feel like a lonely prisoner when subjected to one of his songs? This whole venture was clearly an exercise in redundancy, but that didn’t stop Biebs from belting out crude notes and even fitting in some shady religious shenanigans, because the more he can emulate Kanye West, the more credibility he’ll cram into his toy box. Or something. His visit’s main purpose was to support the prison’s faith-based programs, and the caterwaul session was something of a bonus.

According to TMZ:

As we first told you … JB and his pastor paid a visit to California State Prison in L.A. County to support the prison’s faith-based programs — but until we got this video, we didn’t know he’d belted out any hits for them.

Now, we know Justin did a short set during his trip last month, and it included an acoustic rendition of his single, “Lonely.”

We’re told Bieber sang 3 or 4 of his songs, focusing on slower tracks that translate better with an acoustic guitar accompanying him … but it’s hard to imagine any of his lyrics hitting harder with the inmates than, “I’m so lonely.”

We’re told by people who were present that Bieber’s mini unplugged set was emotional, empathetic and had him on the verge of tears. It was well received by the inmates and followed by a sermon.

The tears we can all understand, but I’d expect them to be flowing from the prisoners’ eyes instead. Now to make the rest of our ears recoil in misery and eyes burst into copious streams of liquid sadness is a clip of that session:

Pic:  YouTube/TMZ

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