Nigerian Adult Movie Star Explains Why He Is Always Looking Scruffy


Nigerian adult movie star, Kingtblakhoc sees nothing wrong with his scruffy appearance and has told a fan to stop worrying about him.

A concerned fan commented on one of his social media post, advising him to spend the money he makes on looking good.

“AV been a fan way before peace olayemi set,I just want to let you know there is nothing healthy about looking haggard and unkept…you have raised many superstars and it cost nothing to look good..,”the follower wrote.

However, in a response, Kingtblakhoc, explained that explained that he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, a chronic condition which can make it hard for a person to focus or sit still.

“Check Albert Einstein. And so many people that have ADHD LIKE ME- WHAT I think is more than buying clothes and grooming myself for you to be happy. Fuck off. Am listening to song now see you later”

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