The Nigerian Electoral Commission has released a list of the presidential candidates and deputy candidates in the next round of elections which will represent 144 candidates in the elections.

The list of candidates for presidential elections in the last 16 months in Nigeria is most common in the political history of the country, which clearly shows the increasing number of candidates for political office.

There are only a few senior members of the party including the APC ruling party and the party’s main opposition party, which is affiliated with other parties, and the other parties are the party, including the youth. Does this mean progress to the politics of Nigeria?

Nigeria Wahlen 2011 Bild 2 (DW / Gänsler)
Some voters in Nigeria

There are 28 women in the list of candidates from the presidential candidates to assistants, state and state legislators. Hajiya Umma Abdullahi is the vice presidential candidate at the Young Progressive Party.

Nigeria’s electoral commission has stated that in the new elections in elections, voters will be voting and voting at the same time.

While less than a month in Nigeria’s elections, admitting candidate candidates in the shadows of the university is rapidly changing the result of a law that allows young people to participate in the leadership sector. 

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