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What is Bughead? Who makes up the Riverdale ship Bughead?

What is Bughead? Who makes up the Riverdale ship Bughead?

What is Bughead? Who makes up the Riverdale ship Bughead? image

In today’s golden age of television, there is nothing fans love more than a good ship — especially on Riverdale which has more than its fair share of ships. There’s Barchie, Choni, Varchie, Falice and let’s not forget about Bughead!

For those unfamiliar with the term, a “ship” in the entertainment fandom circles is a way to describe two characters fans hope to see together in a romantic relationship. If fans are lucky their favorite ships end up happily together, but there are just as many ships that often fail to ever take off, ending with a flash in the pan style fling or just underlying romantic tension which never comes to fruition.

While passionate Riverdale fans know the inner workings of the fandom, it’s overwhelming for those who aren’t active shippers to keep up with who make up the various ships and even more confusing for outsiders when they see ship names pop up on their Twitter feed.

Who makes up Bughead? Is the ship over and could it be endgame for Riverdale? We share this and more, below.

What is Bughead?

Bughead is the name of the Riverdale ship for characters Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) and Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart). The ship was established in 2017 when the first season of Riverdale released on The CW, with the ship name being a combination of Jughead and Betty’s names.

Is Bughead over?

After going strong all throughout the first four seasons of Riverdale, Betty and Jughead were broken up by the Riverdale writers in the fourth episode of Riverdale season 5. Following a seven-year time jump designed to age the core cast of characters and fast-forward past their college years, Riverdale shocked fans when they revealed that Betty and Jughead broke up sometime after high school.

Is Bughead endgame for Riverdale?

As of the halfway point in Riverdale season 5, Betty and Jughead remain broken up making it hard to determine whether Bughead is an endgame for Riverdale. Given the writers seem to be building a relationship between Jughead and Tabitha Tate, it’s hard not to question whether we’ve seen Bughead’s best days already.

Of course, there does appear to be hope that Betty and Jughead will find their way back to one another as it’s clear the characters still care about one another deeply.

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