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Trial Starts for Cop Who Slammed Handcuffed Woman’s Face Onto Concrete Floor

Trial Starts for Cop Who Slammed Handcuffed Woman’s Face Onto Concrete Floor image
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A Canadian judge has released video of a police officer slamming a woman in handcuffs face-first onto the concrete floor, resulting in serious injuries … and now he’s on trial for it.

Constable Alex Dunn is charged with assault causing bodily harm for a December 2017 incident with Dalia Kafi, who he had arrested for breaking a court-ordered curfew.

As you can see in the surveillance footage … Dunn walks Kafi, already in handcuffs, into the police station for a booking photo … but then it appears he attempts to take off a head scarf she’s wearing.

Kafi flinches and leans away, and after a few seconds of struggling to remove her scarf, Dunn violently flips her forward … slamming her face and head on the hard floor. Blood can be seen immediately dripping from her face onto the floor.

Staff Sgt. Gordon Macdonald, who witnessed the incident and tended to Kafi afterward, referred to Dunn’s move as a “judo-style throw” … and called it “the worst use of force” he had ever seen during his testimony this week in Dunn’s case.

Macdonald testified, “There’s only one type of sound when somebody’s bone hits the floor and that’s what I heard.” Kafi was taken to the hospital and needed surgery for a broken nose and stitches in her lip.

Dunn was reportedly suspended with pay for a year after he was charged for the incident, but has been brought back in an administrative role with the Calgary Police Service.

CPS says it is awaiting the outcome of his trial to determine if there will take any additional action. However, they also tell us … “Police officers are trained to deescalate conflict and to use the least amount of force necessary to safely resolve a situation. We expect them to follow the law, our policies and our training.”

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