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There’s no harm in dancing ‘zanku’— Adeyinka Alaseyori

There’s no harm in dancing ‘zanku’— Adeyinka Alaseyori

There’s no harm in dancing ‘zanku’— Adeyinka Alaseyori image

Gospel artiste, Adeyinka Alaseyori, who was recently seen in a viral video displaying some enviable leg work (zanku), has said that insomuch as a dance step did not put others in a compromising position, there was nothing wrong with it.

She told Sunday Scoop, “The term ‘worldly’ or ‘unworldly’ is relative. If a dance step does not put others in a compromising position, then it is fine. Yes, some have said that gospel artistes should not copy dance steps or slangs from secular songs but it’s a world of diverse languages. Social media has its own language and the street has its own language.  Sometimes, one has to speak the language of those one wants to win over, to get their attention and then show them how not to do what they do.

“Leg work is a trendy and popular dance step that we all know. That means it is in our faces.”

Alaseyori also explained why she does not put on trousers or adorn herself with jewelleries. She said, “I have nothing against anyone who wears trousers or adorns themselves with pieces of jewellery. However, those things do not define my personal style, hence the reason I don’t wear them. Fashion is about being creative with what one wears with utmost consideration to keep what ought to be hidden, hidden. For me, it has to be good, simple and Godly. By the way, I love wristwatches. I am just thankful. I am not where I want to be but I am not where I used to be.”

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