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All tents, shelters, structures must be removed from Strathcona Park by end of April

All tents, shelters, structures must be removed from Strathcona Park by end of April image

All tents, shelters and structures must be removed from Strathcona Park by 10 a.m. Friday, April 30.

The Vancouver Park Board issued the new order Friday, after previously restricting temporary shelters on the west side and then the northeast corner of the park.

In a release, the park board said this last step is necessary to close the current encampment in the park and return the park to community use.

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The province and BC Housing are working to find interim housing for the camp’s residents by the end of April.

The Strathcona Park tent city has been in place for about 10 months and has become a flashpoint with local residents.

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Many area homeowners said they have been yelled at and threatened, and no longer feel safe in their own neighbourhood.

People have been found injured in the park.

Carl Sinclair was viciously attacked at the encampment last fall and ended up with broken ribs and numerous other injuries.

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Vancouver police said he was lying injured in the park for up to 12 hours before anyone called 911.

Sinclair, who is now on the road to recovery, ended up losing his leg due to the severity of his injuries.

The Park Board said once people have moved from the park into accommodation, staff will erect a fence barrier to temporarily close off the area, assess the condition of the park, and develop a remediation plan.

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