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South Lethbridge drug house shuttered by Alberta Sherriffs

South Lethbridge drug house shuttered by Alberta Sherriffs

South Lethbridge drug house shuttered by Alberta Sherriffs image

Another property in Lethbridge has been closed due to drug activity after an investigation by the Alberta Sheriffs Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit and the Lethbridge Police Service.

The home — located at 1326 Henderson Lake Blvd. S –was boarded and fenced up at noon on Thursday as a community safety order came into effect.

The locks were also changed and all tenancy agreements were terminated.

Kelvin Hau, an investigator with the SCAN unit, said the house was well known to Lethbridge police and officials were able to confirm the home’s connections to drug use and drug trafficking.

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An investigation into activity on the property began in Sept. 2020, after multiple complaints from the community concerning potential drug activity, and observations of erratic behavior.

“They were quite rightfully fearful for their safety and security, as well as the safety and security of other members of this community,” said Hau. “In particular, any children that might be attending the school one block north.

“In one notable instance, they actually observed an intoxicated male stabbing (a tree) with a knife.”

Alberta’s SCAN unit obtained a court order against the owners of the property, which bans anyone from the stepping foot on the premises for 90 days.

“We’re going to assume just the basic maintenance of this house during that time, and we’re going to make sure the people who caused this place to be a problem aren’t going to be a problem anymore,” Hau said.

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Following that period, conditions will remain on the property until July 7, 2022.  The order also names individuals who won’t be allowed on the property for a year.

“Properties that provide a haven for drug trafficking and other criminal activities can spread fear and anxiety throughout an entire neighbourhood,” said Minister of Justice and Solicitor General Kaycee Madu in Thursday’s release.

“I applaud the Alberta Sheriffs and the Lethbridge Police Service for taking decisive action in this situation and helping Lethbridge residents once again feel safe in their homes and their neighbourhoods.”

The SCAN unit has investigated more than 5,800 properties and issued around 90 community safe orders since its inception in 2008. In September 2020, a north Lethbridge home was also closed due to drug activity.

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