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Sean McVay: Loss to 49ers doesn’t reflect caliber of team

Sean McVay: Loss to 49ers doesn’t reflect caliber of team image

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The 4-1 Rams got a surprise on Sunday night in Santa Clara, when a wobbly 49ers team found a way to push off the ropes and knockout their division rivals. Rams coach Sean McVay, however, isn’t putting much stock in the defeat.

“I mean, number one, you always look at the tape, that’s where the truth lies,” McVay told reporters on Monday. “We correct that. We have accountability and ownership for where we can all be better, coaches and players alike. We address those issues and we move forward, that’s what you have to be able to do. We always talk about not allowing the previous setback to affect the ability to move forward and we can’t wait to get going on our preparation for the Bears.

“What a good team we have and what they have, we’re excited about that. I don’t believe that last night is reflective of the caliber that we can play at, really on all three phases. I think we have some representative tape to be able to point that out. But, you know, that’s why it’s such a slim and small margin for error. You give the Niners credit, they did a nice job. That’s what’s so great about this league is, you get those three and a half, four-hour windows and you have to be great in those moments. And that’s a great opportunity for us to respond next week.”

The opportunity comes on Monday night against a Chicago team that surprisingly has rocketed to 5-1, with Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles thriving at quarterback. Given Arizona’s blowout of the Cowboys, which moved the Cardinals to 4-2, the potential resurgence of the 49ers, and the 5-0 Seahawks, the Rams don’t have much margin for error, if they want to win the division.

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