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Ryan Jensen willing to keep himself dry for Tom Brady

Ryan Jensen willing to keep himself dry for Tom Brady image

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Tom Brady wants things, well, a certain way.

So if you’re Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen, you do what it takes to drain the swamp.

Via Eduardo Encina of the Tampa Bay Times, Jensen said he’s happy to adapt to a few extra steps so his new quarterback can have a dry football.

Since Brady has a thing about his center’s butt sweat getting the ball he’s trying to throw wet, and since he’s playing in Florida now, steps have to be taken. Brady even pulled back the waistband of Jensen’s trousers during practice this week to make sure everything was just so.

“It’s an adjustment a little bit having a towel down the rear side, but if that’s what Tom wants and that’s going to help him be a better quarterback, I’m gonna do what I have to do,” Jensen said. “It’s been an easy adjustment. The first couple it was a little uncomfortable, but just like anything you get used to it. . . .

“I just wasn’t sure what it would be like at first but, it’s a pretty easy transition. And now it’s just a couple extra things during practice I got to do, change out the towel, add a little bit more powder. It’s really not a burden at all for me.”

(Note to the Buccaneers: The equipment guy who handles those towels needs a raise.)

Jensen’s made other changes for Brady, including ditching the glove he used to wear on his snapping hand. Brady called him shortly after signing to talk about his preferences, and Jensen was a regular at Brady’s offseason workouts.

“He started talking about the sweat and what he’s had centers do in the past,” Jensen said. “I knew it was coming. I’d seen an article last year or so talking about just that so I knew that conversation was going to be had.”

And as uncomfortable as it might be for a couple of grown men to talk about swamp ass, Jensen’s willing to do it for the chance to snap to one of the all-time greats.

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