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The Happiness Planner Review: Is it worth it?

The Happiness Planner Review: Is it worth it? image
‘Mastering Happiness and Success-one day at a time!’
The Happiness Planner

Around a time of negativity and uncertainty I thought it would be a good idea to review a brand full of positivity, The Happiness Planner. Self-improvement and sending out a positive message is The Happiness Planner’s priority and definitely a unique selling point!

The brand’s products are different to any other stationary or planner I have came across. I would class ‘The Happiness Planner’ as a premium brand therefore their planners do have a premium price tag.

Fortunately, around a year ago I entered a competition over on the company’s Twitter to win a planner and to my surprise I was one of the winners. Since, I have used my planner for a year and I’m excited to share my impressions of the product and brand with you.

The Happiness Planner Quality

‘The Happiness Planner’ is made to a very high standard and has a hardback cover to protect the pages from damage. Moreover, the quality matches the premium price tag and I do believe that it is worth the money. The product is delivered in a lovely, amazing quality box and is also protected inside. Overall, The Happiness Planner has maintained its condition through years of use, the quality of the product is nothing short of excellent. 5/5.

Review: Style and Appearance

The design of the planner is simply stunning. It is minimalistic but very modern. Furthermore, the font is easy to understand and the style stays in line with the brand. The colours match together perfectly and the designer of this planner is extremely talented. Overall, the product can’t be faulted on appearance it is aesthetically pleasing and would look amazing on social media channels. 5/5.


The price is the only slight criticism I have on this beautiful product. The planner is sold for £40 which is very pricey for a planner in my opinion. The reason I didn’t invest in the product earlier was due to the price tag and I think it may be an element that puts many people off purchasing. In light of this after receiving the product, I would definitely purchase one again so the product is definitely worth the money if it is in your price range. The brand have also released smaller planners since at a much lower price shown here 3/5.

Practical Product

The planner has everything. It is very distinctive and gives a page for everyday to fill in goals for the day, schedule, notes, exercise, meals and many more elements. The Happiness Planner also has a section to fill in strengths and weaknesses and promotes self-improvement and happiness in every page. I genuinely believe the product truly does help towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. 5/5

Thank you so much ‘The Happiness Planner’ for kindly hosting the competition and sending me one of their planners. I would highly recommend it! Find ‘The Happiness Planner’s’ website and all of their other products can be found here. Another review into the small business Aubrey Bay that can be found here.

Until next time, Rachel x

‘Happiness is a direction, not a place’

Sydney J. Harris
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