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Odell Beckham “wants to get back at” critics

Odell Beckham “wants to get back at” critics image

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Odell Beckham wants to silence critics, but at the same time, the Browns receiver said he feels he has nothing to prove to them.

During an interview with Maverick Carter on Uninterrupted’s YouTube channel, the star player sounded motivated to defy detractors.

“I think that’s something that I definitely struggle with – finding a way to combat analysts or the ones who get up on TV and who have a big platform to go and talk and say whatever and speak opinionated information as if it’s factual,” Beckham told Carter, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “Yes, I do want to get back at them. Yes, I do wish I knew the way, and I know one way is just straight winning.

“Even then, they’re going to have something to say and a problem. But once you win, there’s not really anything you can say. I’m not going to sit here and try and prove to you who I am. I am who I am. I am a good person. I’m a good dude.”

Beckham has more critics than playoff wins. He has appeared in only one postseason game and that came in 2016 with the Giants — a 38-13 loss to the Packers.

In the 76 games he has played, Beckham’s teams are 31-45.

Beckham made the Pro Bowl his first three seasons when he was one of the best receivers in the league. He has not made the Pro Bowl since.

For whatever the reason — a past-his-prime Eli Manning and a struggling young Baker Mayfield certainly have played a part — Beckham has averaged only five receptions for 73 yards in the 33 games since his last Pro Bowl season.

Beckham, though, insists he’s “definitely happy.”

“My mind, my spirit, my soul – everything’s been great,” Beckham told Carter. “I’m in the best place I’ve been in in my life. I’m just ready. Like I said, I’m hungry. I want it that bad, and I just want to be a part of special and be a part of something great. That’s really everything for me right now.”

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