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Night Crumbs


The Samantha-less revival of Sex and the City that nobody has asked for will be more diverse and will feature three women of color as regulars. The creators know they can’t tell a story with an all-white cast because “it’s not reflective of New York. So they are being very, very conscious about understanding that New York has to reflect the way New York looks today.” That makes sense because we all know that when the all-white SATC premiered in 1998, only white people lived in NYC. And hopefully, one of the new regulars is Jennifer Hudson as Louise, but only so she can come back and throw that mustard and ketchup-covered Louis Vuitton turd purse at Carrie for once and for all! – TVLine

Meghan Markle is putting out a children’s book called The Bench, which is inspired by Prince Harry’s relationship with their son Archie. And no word yet if the book also includes a racist balding man witch named Mince Milliam – Lainey Gossip 

Justin Bieber’s struggle locs continue to terrorize eyeballs everywhere – Celebitchy

It was very nice of Carey Mulligan to lend Lily James her Promising Young Woman bangs to play Pamela Anderson – Pajiba

While working her new junior blonde Dita Von Teese look and sitting in front of my abuelita’s old TV, Billie Eilish answered questions from other famous types for British Vogue – OMG Blog

What in Thundercats stripper HELL is Bella Hadid wearing? – Popoholic

Marky Mark thinks he’s Christian Bale and claims he quickly gained some chunk for a movie role. Based on that picture, Marky Mark is playing a middle-aged divorce dad of 3 who gets a part-time job as a janitor at a department store just so he can peek on women in the changing rooms. And who knows if he gained a conscience when he gained all that weight too – SOW

Diddy played the name-changing game again and this time made “Love” his new middle name, so now he’s Sean Love Combs, which sounds like something you’d call yourself if you want to be very open about your hair comb fetish – Billboard

Pic: Warner Bros.