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Myles Garrett got his “retribution” with strip-sack

Myles Garrett got his “retribution” with strip-sack image

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Last Sunday, the Browns had the Ravens backed up on their own 1-yard line. And then the Ravens marched 99 yards for a touchdown.

So for Browns defensive end Myles Garrett, last night’s strip-sack in a similar situation served as atonement.

After the Browns had been stuffed on a fourth-and-1 attempt, Garrett got to Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, knocking the ball loose and setting up a key score in the third quarter of their 35-30 win.

“It was a little bit of retribution right there, getting that play done and setting up the offense for a big score,” Garrett said, via Dan Labbe of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “So definitely proud of that.”

Those are the kinds of plays the Browns are expecting from Garrett after signing him to a massive extension, and his timing was perfect Thursday, though he found other stuff to work on.

“That play was nice and I was able to get open, but some of the plays I slipped off on early on or even late, the times where I got tripped up or another chance to swipe the ball out of his hands,” Garrett said. “Stuff I can improve on and try to see how I can make those plays next time. I am definitely proud of the play — do not get me wrong — but I am always thinking how can I help the team a little bit more? What else can I do? . . .

“Those are the plays you need to make to define your season. Hopefully, that is just the start for me, but I know those other guys are ready and hungry to make those plays themselves.”

It was also important for Garrett to step up, considering they found themselves short-handed. Olivier Vernon was inactive with an abdominal injury, and Adrian Clayborn couldn’t finish the game after suffering a hip injury, putting more pressure on Garrett.

And this time, he delivered.

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