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MCSN has solved problem of royalty for artistes— Asha Gangali

MCSN has solved problem of royalty for artistes— Asha Gangali image

Singer and showbiz personality, Asha Gangali, has said that the Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria has solved the problem of royalty for artistes. This was even as he added that his appointment to the board of the organisation was a move in the right direction.

He said, “MCSN has solved the problem of royalty management with the deployment of the Gocreate royalty distribution system. Everything is being done digitally and transparently to everyone within the value chain. The system is a decentralised solution which has eradicated human error in royalty administration at MCSN.

“My appointment as a director of MCSN alongside Sunny Neji and Mathew Ohio was a move in the right direction. It will usher in a pivotal change in the licensing sector of the entertainment industry. Now that the sector is being translated into a digital ecosystem, my in-depth knowledge of copyright licensing administration will complement the positive efforts being made by the CMO to restructure the copyright and sound recording licensing landscape.”

Speaking on ways that MCSN could benefit an average Nigerian artiste, Gangali said, “MCSN will protect the rights of musicians and ensure that artistes, songwriters and producers get their mechanical and performance royalties promptly.

“Also, MCSN has activated new streams of revenue for musicians through its strategic partnership with the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria. The partnership allows licensing of live performances. This particular royalty had been left uncollected for many years.”

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