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Josh Duggar of ’19 Kids and Counting’ arrested, held without bond

Josh Duggar of ’19 Kids and Counting’ arrested, held without bond

Josh Duggar of ’19 Kids and Counting’ arrested, held without bond image

Josh Duggar, who formerly appeared in TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting, was arrested Thursday by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Arkansas on unspecified charges. He is currently being held without bond.

In 2015, Duggar admitted to sexually molesting five underage girls 13 years ago, when he was only 14. He also revealed that two of those girls were his younger sisters, Jill and Jessa, and he conceded to a porn addiction and cheating on his wife, which rocked the family’s strong Christian fanbase.

In a message posted on Facebook at the time, Duggar wrote: “I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends.”

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He sought treatment at a faith-based rehabilitation centre following the confession, but no charges were ever filed against him. He also resigned from his role as a lobbyist for an organization called the Family Research Council, which describes itself as “advancing faith, family, and freedom in public policy and the culture from a biblical worldview.”

“Back 12 years ago our family went through one of the most difficult times of our lives,” said his parents Jim Bob and Michelle in a joint statement at the time. “When Josh was a young teenager, he made some very bad mistakes and we were shocked. We had tried to teach him right from wrong. That dark and difficult time caused us to seek God like never before.

“Even though we would never choose to go through something so terrible, each one of our family members drew closer to God. We pray that as people watch our lives they see that we are not a perfect family. We have challenges and struggles every day. It is one of the reasons we treasure our faith so much because God’s kindness and goodness and forgiveness are extended to us — even though we are so undeserving. We hope somehow the story of our journey — the good times and the difficult times — cause you to see the kindness of God and learn that He can bring you through anything.”

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TLC cancelled the show following Duggar’s revelations, after a highly successful run from 2008 until 2015. (The network has aired another Duggar-related show, Counting On, since late 2015.)

Online records show that Duggar was booked and placed on a federal hold at Washington County Detention Center in Fayetteville, Ark. Under the charges heading, The records state, “hold for other dept.” Authorities have not stated why he was arrested, but have confirmed he was arrested by Homeland Security.

Most recently, the 33-year-old faced a real estate lawsuit in 2019. Local reports say he was accused of fraud and contract breach; he apparently lost the case after failing to appear in court.

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His place of work, a car dealership in Arkansas, was raided by Homeland Security in late 2019, but it’s unclear if Duggar was implicated in that investigation. It’s also unknown if that raid is related to his current arrest.

Last year, Duggar reportedly lost a civil lawsuit over a property title dispute.

His arrest Thursday took place mere days after announcing that he and his wife, Anna, are expecting their seventh child together. They are already parents to Mackynzie Renée, 11, Michael, 9, Marcus, 7, and Meredith, 5, Mason, 3, and Maryella, 1.

Duggar is expected to appear in front of a judge on Friday.

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