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Joe Burrow isn’t shying away from taking hits (even if he should)

Joe Burrow isn’t shying away from taking hits (even if he should) image

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If Ben Roethlisberger felt like he was in a train wreck the day after his first game of the 2020 season, Joe Burrow should be feeling — after two games in five days — like he has been put through the meat grinder at Satriale’s.

For now, though, Burrow isn’t complaining. He said after Thursday night’s game, which saw him take plenty of hits, that he “feel[s] good.” He also sees the positive in getting pummeled.

“It doesn’t disrupt my rhythm at all,” Burrow said. “It makes me feel like a football player. I kind of like getting hit sometimes. It doesn’t disrupt me.”

His opponents are noticing, and they appreciate his efforts.

“The guy is tough,” Browns defensive end Myles Garrett told reporters after the game. “He took a lot of shots, and he bounced right back up. He was still putting deep ones on the money and he always kept his eyes downfield. He was never really worried about the rush, unless it was really on him. That is better than some veteran quarterbacks. He has a ways to go, but he is already off to a good start. I am impressed by him.”

He should be. Burrow is the real deal. At some point, however, he needs to be a little more careful, or he’ll end up on the wrong side of a sausage casing.

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