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Jerry Jones questions credibility of anonymous player criticism of coaching staff

Jerry Jones questions credibility of anonymous player criticism of coaching staff image

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Jerry Jones is not happy.

He’s not happy that his Cowboys are 2-4. He’s not happy that the Eagles now are in first place in the NFC East. He’s not happy he won’t have his star quarterback, Dak Prescott, for the rest of the season.

And he made it clear Friday he’s really not happy with an NFL Network report earlier this week that quoted unnamed players calling out the new coaching staff.

“It is ‘get in line‘ in terms of if you look at the time and the years and the months and the weeks of people making frankly very anonymous innuendoes into a situation that’s ripe for it,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan. “Now think about that a minute. Can’t say who it was, but that’s ripe for it. The criticism is our guys might not know what they’re doing out there and you put one of those innuendoes. It no more reflects the thinking of our players than it reflects the thinking of something going on in the Kremlin. It is just absolutely irrelevant and very, very, very irresponsible relative to these times now. Now don’t think that Mike McCarthy isn’t a big boy, got big shoulders and can’t handle anything they want to throw at him. He’s been to school on that and had it. That’s one of the reasons I wanted him here is because it hadn’t just been success for him. He’s dealt with both those imposters, the success imposter and the failure imposter. And he’s done well with it.”

Jones, of course, also plays the part of General Manager. He made the decision to fire Jason Garrett and hire McCarthy. He also made personnel decisions or signed off on them.

But Jones was fired up about the anonymous criticism of the coaching staff, calling “bulls—t” at one point. He defiantly and angrily answered seven questions about a report that came from a reporter from the NFL-owned network that Jones partially owns.

“You’re so full of it. I mean it,” Jones said. “To say that, get it on out there, reporter, and say who said it. Get with it. If you want to influence something — is the reporter trying to influence me?

“Seriously, guys, because it is so irresponsible. We’re wasting some good time. But my goodness, if I spent my life making decisions based upon some innuendo or something that I read in the paper, I’d be a sick puppy.”

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy twice addressed the report this week, saying “it’s important to handle things as men.”

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