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More charges for Guelph woman accused in puppy scam, theft from elderly neighbour: police

More charges for Guelph woman accused in puppy scam, theft from elderly neighbour: police image

Guelph police say a woman already arrested in connection with a puppy scam and two break-ins at her elderly neighbour’s apartment has been charged after a taxi driver was ripped off.

A taxi was called on April 1 to a west-end address but after the ride, the woman told the driver she could not pay and ran away, police said in a news release on Wednesday.

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The service added that the driver also noticed her wallet with cash and bank cards were missing, and later used to buy lottery tickets and cigarettes at a convenience store.

A 27-year-old woman was charged on Tuesday with theft and fraud charges while she was already in custody in connection with the break-ins at her neighbour’s apartment and the puppy scam.

Police said the elderly victim returned to her apartment in late January after several days in the hospital due to a fall, only to discover her home had been ransacked.

Her TV and wallet were missing and more than $400 was later charged to her credit cards, police said.

The victim’s wallet was stolen again during another break-in on March 7 while she slept and police said another $700 was later charged to her credit cards.

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The suspect was arrested on April 8 and police later laid charges against her in a puppy scam investigation.

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Police said a Burlington woman sent $1,000 after reading an online ad for Boston terrier puppies only to have the seller break off communication.

The accused has not been identified by Guelph police and will make a court appearance on July 27.

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