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Equity resort gets facelift


Equity Resorts Hotel, a hospitality haven in Ogun State, said it has gone through massive renovation to beef up its standard.

A statement by the General Manager, Mr Kayode Ajiboye, titled ‘Equity Resorts Hotel receives massive facilities facelift’ said that the resort which shut down few months back to allow the management do major renovation, was now back.

Ajiboye stated that some of the facilities which hitherto stood the hotel out among others in town had been given a facelift in a bid to meet up with the present demands in the hospitality market.

According to him, the hotel which established few decades back is tipped as the most tastefully furnished in the area with first class facilities.

He said, “Among the facilities which stand the hotel out in the axis include a FIFA standard swimming pool, lawn tennis court, cinema and conference halls, football pitch, gyms and tastefully furnished rooms and suites. The hospitality haven is not only a hotel, but a resort with modern facilities.

“The hotel was shut down few months back to allow the management carry out massive renovation that will stand the test of time. As we speak, we have changed the face of the rooms with the lavatory.”

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