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Edmonton’s bus routes are changing. Here’s how to plan your trip

Edmonton’s bus routes are changing. Here’s how to plan your trip

Edmonton’s bus routes are changing. Here’s how to plan your trip image

In less than five weeks, Edmonton Transit will roll out its new bus network which will mean new routes and commutes for users.

As a way to help transit users prepare for the changes, the City of Edmonton has launched a transit app where riders can preview what their new trip will look like.

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To see a preview of future trips, users must enter a trip date that falls during the week of April 25 to May 1. Until the new network launches on April 25, the app will show existing routes and schedules if a future date is not selected.

The city encourages riders to use its transit app rather than other digital tools such as Google Maps of the ETS Google-powered trip planning tool because they may not be accurate currently due to technical issues with the Google platform.

“When the issues are resolved with these trip planners, a notice will be put on the ETS website and attached to the ETS trip planning tool,” the city said.

“The 311 call centre uses the same Google-powered trip planner to assist customers with preview trips in the new network.”

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It’s been over 20 years since Edmonton revamped its bus network.

The city has said the changes will result in more frequent bus service, more direct routes and the system being better connected in evenings and on weekends.

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For example, several bus routes in west Edmonton have been modified to move away from the path of the Valley Line LRT construction. The city said good service will still be provided to area neighbourhoods.

Alongside the new bus network, the city will also launch its on-demand transit pilot project. The service will see two providers run a shuttle bus program that will connect residents in some neighbourhoods to transit hubs.

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There are 37 neighbourhoods that will receive on-demand transit starting on April 25. Customers have three options to book a trio:

  • Download the Edmonton On-Demand Transit app
  • Book online
  • Book over the phone at 780-496-2400

More information on the city’s new bus routes can be found on the City of Edmonton’s website.

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