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Christmas Blog Post Ideas: 100 For Every Niche!

Christmas Blog Post Ideas: 100 For Every Niche! image

I know I know… its only September! But it is important to start your seasonal content early especially if you’re a blogger participating in Blogmas this year. Christmas may be very different this year and I thought it would be helpful to mind map my ideas and focus on what could be amazing winter content ideas moving forward in the current climate.  I have created a list of over 100 Christmas Blog Post Ideas covering majority of blogging niches that will hopefully provide you with some well needed Christmas inspiration.

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and I receive a commission if you visit a link and buy something on my recommendation. Purchasing via an affiliate link doesn’t cost you any extra, and I only recommend products and services I trust. All opinions are my own.*

Why are seasonal blog post ideas important?

Seasonal content can help to grow your blog during specific times and often attract a wider audience to your platform. Moreover, search engines such as Google and Pinterest are very seasonal friendly as the content is usually more relevant to what people are looking for at a certain time which means you could be pushing your posts into higher SEO and search page rankings by creating content linked to the time of year. Below is an extensive list of around one hundred blog post ideas for the winter months. Creativity is difficult but a little inspiration goes a long way.

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Lifestyle Christmas Blog Posts

For general Lifestyle Bloggers, Christmas is a gold mine for blog post ideas! It is the perfect holiday to be creating content from decorations to gift guides. Get your audience in the festive spirt with these title ideas!

  • Top 10 Christmas Movies
  • A Letter to Santa
  • My Christmas Gift List
  • How I Beat the Festive Blues
  • My Favourite Blog Posts of 2020
  • 2020 Reflection:
  • 10 Ways to Give Back This Christmas
  • The Big Christmas Detox
  • Christmas Movies to Binge-watch on Netflix
  • The December Bucket List
  • How to make a Christmas Trivia Quiz
  • Original Christmas Songs Vs the Remakes
  • Your New Year’s Resolutions
  • What I got for Christmas

Fashion Christmas Blog Posts

Fashion is popular all year round and Christmas is no different. People are always looking for works night out or Christmas day outfit inspiration. Don’t forget everyone loves a Christmas jumper! Focus some blog posts around your favourite Christmas jumper finds!

  • Top Five Christmas Day Outfits
  • Christmas Outfits through The Years
  • 2021 Fashion Trends: Moving into the New Year
  • Christmas Outfit Ideas Works Night Edition
  • Best Christmas Jumpers
  • Top 10 Winter Boots
  • How to win the Christmas Jumper Competition
  • Where to find your Christmas PJs
  • Matching Family Outfits for Christmas
  • Fun Holiday Underwear and Accessory Ideas

Beauty Christmas Blog Posts

Trying to keep your skin nice and radiant in the colder months is a nightmare! I am always looking for ways to stop my skin from becoming too dry in the winter months! Introduce your audience to festive makeup looks or Christmas party hairstyles using Christmas colours!

  • Top 10 Christmas Fragrances
  • Top 5 Red Lipsticks
  • 2020 Christmas Beauty Picks
  • Winter Skincare Routine
  • Christmas Day Hair Styles
  • Christmas Nail Tutorial
  • Beauty Products to take into 2020
  • Christmas Looks Without Glitter

Money Blogger Content

Money is tight during the festive season and many people are looking for ways to treat their loved ones without spending too much! Create tips on how to save money over the festive period and how to gain cashback on your Christmas Shopping.

  • Christmas on a Budget
  • Money Saving Date Ideas for December
  • Volunteering at Christmas
  • How to save £100 on your Christmas Shopping
  • How to gain Cashback on your Christmas Shopping
  • Gift Wrap on a Budget

Blogging Help Festive Edition

Blogging help posts are favourites all year round for bloggers and the festive season is no different. Focus on how you can help other bloggers round the festive season whether that be on social channels or Pinterest. Pinterest thrives through the festive season and you should see your blog traffic increase with festive content titles. Amber has released some amazing Pinterest Templates to get you started if your looking to up your Pinterest game during the festive period.

  • How to Use Pinterest for The Holidays
  • Growing your blog through the holiday season
  • 100 Christmas Blog Post Ideas- steal this idea!
  • A guide to seasonal social media branding

Interior and DIY

Christmas is the perfect time for Craft and DIY Bloggers. Christmas is all about creativity and keeping children entertained. Why not give ideas on homemade Christmas decorations or hobbies you can start? Style out your home this Christmas with gorgeous decoration and Christmas candle ideas, I personally love Aubrey Bay candles!

  • Christmas Decoration Themes 2020
  • Top 10 Christmas Candles and Scents
  • Child Friendly Décor Ideas
  • Fireplace Decoration Tips
  • How to Upcycle Old Christmas Decorations
  • Christmas Hamper DIY
  • Christmas Tree Reveal
  • Making Christmas Stockings
  • How to make your own baubles
  • Christmas Card Templates
  • How to make a 2021 Calendar
  • Desk Décor: Style out your office with miniature trees etc.
Decorative image relating to Christmas Blog Post Ideas.

Family Blog Post Ideas

Christmas is all about enjoying time with family and after the year we have all experienced, family time will be super important. Provide posts to your audience summarising how to keep children entertained during the holidays.

  • Christmas Party Games for The Whole Family
  • Gingerbread House Decorating DIY
  • How to keep kids entertained over the festive period
  • 10 Festive Decorations Kids Can Make
  • Winter Activities for Children
  • Holiday Bucket List for Families
  • Things to do When its too old to go Outside

Health and Fitness Christmas Blog Post Ideas

Health and Fitness are usually not our focus around Christmas due to the amount of chocolate we consume! However, many people are looking to stay focused on their goals and not overindulge in tempting Christmas treats.

  • Staying in shape during the festive period
  • Healthy Festive Meal Planning
  • Keeping Christmas Sugar Free
  • Health Alternatives to Christmas Treats
  • How to stay focused on your goals

Festive Travel Blog Ideas

Travel around Christmas is a hard one and especially with the current situation in the world. However, there are many local places we can visit to enjoy the joys of Christmas.

  • The Dream Christmas Getaway
  • Where to visit to see the best Christmas lights
  • Top 5 Places to Visit This Winter
  • Winter Road Trip Tips
  • National Parks That Stay Open all Year Round
  • Ways to save on winter travel

Food and Drink Christmas Blog Post Ideas

Christmas is the perfect time for food bloggers! Everyone will be searching for Christmas treats, cakes and simply how to cook a turkey! Include lots of traditional and innovative recipes to your audience this Christmas.

  • Leftover Dishes to Die For
  • My Favourite Christmas Snacks
  • Restaurants for Christmas Meals
  • Christmas Day Recipes for Vegans
  • Christmas Cookie Ideas
  • Cocktail Recipes: Christmas Themed
  • Christmas Dessert Ideas

Christmas Gifting Blog Post Ideas

Everyone is looking for gift ideas leading up to Christmas it is the hot topic of conversation! You can get so many amazing content ideas from the topic of gifting including gift guides, product reviews and more, Your gift guide should be simple and include products you love, this is an isolation gift guide I created if your looking for some design inspiration.

  • The Secret Santa Gift Guide
  • Small Business Christmas Gift Guide
  • Gift Set Product Review: My Top 10
  • Advent Calendar Review: Worth the Hype?
  • Last Minute Gift Ideas
  • Favourite Ways to Wrap Christmas Gifts
  • Practical Gifts for Bloggers
  • Amazing Inexpensive Gift Ideas
  • Non-Traditional Gift Ideas

If you use any of these 100 Christmas Blog Post Ideas, let me know and leave links below I love reading your posts! What do you have planned for the holidays? If you can think of any other content ideas leave them in the comments!

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I hope you have found this post helpful and have lots of ideas for Christmas content! It will be my first year blogging round Christmas and its my favourite time of year so keep your eyes peeled for new posts!

If your looking for more blog post ideas my blog friend Brianna has also created a post of one hundred blog ideas or you can find her lovely website here! You will never run out of content ideas.

You can find my previous post about starting a small business during this unusual time here. Stay safe everyone!

Rachel x

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