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Breaking News | BBNaija Lockdown: Recap of Week Three

Breaking News | BBNaija Lockdown: Recap of Week Three image

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By Gbenga Bada


BIG Brother Naija Lockdown entered its third week on Sunday, August 2, after two fun-filled weeks.

This week, 18 housemates set viewers’ tongues wagging after the exit of Ka3na and Lilo.


Here is a quick recap of the third week of the show


Housemates worried about wager after losses

AFTER two weeks of losing out on their wager, the remaining 18 housemates in the BBNaija Lockdown house are worried about their two weeks’ loss and determined to make it right the third week. Determined to win the third week’s wager challenge, the housemates stayed through their 17th night in the house practising for their music drama. With Trikytee being the producer and leader of the task, the Housemates sure had to put their acting masks with seriousness.


BBNaija Lockdown updates



Ozo rages at Prince over wager task

BARELY 17 days in the BBNaija Lockdown house and a fight almost occurred between two male housemates, Ozo and Prince, during the wager task preparation. It all began while the remaining 18 housemates were rehearsing for their music drama ahead of the Thursday night wager task. Prince had walked out on the rest of the housemates and Ozo didn’t find it amusing and for the first time, Ozo was heard shouting at the top of his voice while expressing his disgust at Prince’s action. As Ozo lost his cool and shouted for several minutes, Prince kept his calm and avoided what could have resulted in a fight. Believed to be an awkward fight between love contenders – the two have an eye for Nengi – Ozo refused to be placated, even after many of the housemates tried to calm him down.

The ‘Ships’

AS expected, the fondness among the housemates is on the rise. After the exit of Lilo from the show, Eric has taken the back seat in the relationship league. Kiddwaya has remained smitten with Erica and all through the third week, although Nengi has been hitting on him towards the end of the week. Neo and Vee have remained strong and waxing stronger by the day, so much that Neo told Eric how he now feels about Vee and she doesn’t seem to be ready to let him go.

Wathoni in war of words with Vee over bed space


FOR the third week, Vee and Wathoni have given viewers a drama to talk about after their fight over bed space. On their 16th day in the house, Vee and Wathoni ignored their manners and threw caution to the wind over bed space and arrangement.

Vee had attacked Wathoni for not following her procedures to keep the bed space and arrangement. Wathoni won’t let this slide as she took on Vee to reciprocate to the best of her ability. Both housemates were shouting as they exchanged expletives. Some of their housemates, who share the same room, tried to calm their nerves.

Laycon sulks as Erica picks Kiddwaya

LAYCON has not been in the best state emotionally after Erica picked Kiddwaya over him. Throughout the second week, Laycon distanced himself from Erica and he had Dorathy giving some advice. Laycon had been reluctant to express his feelings for Erica but decided to do so after Bright O advised him to shoot his shot in the second week. However, Erica seems to enjoy Kiddwaya’s company to Laycon, who in turn decided to recoil to his shell. So bad is the relationship between Laycon and Erica that the two housemates now avoid each other.

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