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Best gift ideas for Mother’s Day

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When Mother’s Day is just around the corner on the second Sunday in May, as is the case every year, many children are plagued by just one question: What can we give? Flowers and cards are always a great idea and are guaranteed to make every mother’s eyes shine, but it can also be nice to give away something special and give the mother joy with a carefully selected gift. Surveys have shown that most mothers want a short break from everyday family life on Mother’s Day, which is why a good gift idea is always to give away shared experiences. How about giving your mum the experience of playing at a casino? What experience it can be and what it looks like is individually different. Gifts in kind are also popular on Mother’s Day. Good preparation is important so that it is not just a rip-off, but a high-quality, beautiful product that will provide long-term pleasure. With the necessary suggestions and our gift suggestions for Mother’s Day, it is not difficult to find the right gift and to surprise your own mother for Mother’s Day.

Idea 1: The Mother’s Day classic flowers and chocolates

They are and will remain a classic among Mother’s Day gift ideas: pretty bouquets of flowers and delicious chocolates. No wonder, after all, there are plenty of magical spring flowers such as peonies and ranunculi in May. Of course, it is also particularly practical that the beautifully tied bouquets can be found everywhere on Mother’s Day. This also makes them perfect as a last-minute gift. If you cannot see your mom in person on the big day, flower delivery is also an option. When it comes to chocolates and flowers, however, it is important to think about which variety your mother likes best. The best thing to do is to visit your favorite confectionary or flower shop. Nothing can go wrong there. It is also a nice idea to make the chocolates or the flower gift yourself. How about a homemade Kokedama, for example?

Extra tip: Do you already have the perfect flowers for your mom in mind, but want to give them a little something? Then a pretty vase is of course the ideal addition!

Idea 2: Personalized gift ideas for Mother’s Day are something special

Do you remember? Even in kindergarten, we made personal gifts for our mothers for Mother’s Day. Sure, back then they were mostly abstractly painted pictures that only Mama could decipher. Nevertheless, they were neatly pinned to the refrigerator. And even today, mothers are often particularly happy about personalized gifts. They are attention that comes from the heart and at the same time shows that you have given thought.

So here are our two favorite ideas for personal Mother’s Day gifts:

Photo gifts

This Mother’s Day gift idea is sure to bring a smile to your mom’s face: give her a photo together in an elegant picture frame. This will bring back many wonderful memories. If you want to let off steam creatively, you can also fill an entire photo album. Not only do you stick the most beautiful pictures of recent years in it, but decorate them with loving sayings, your own comments, and small paintings. It could not be more personal! Alternatively, it is also possible to print your favorite photo on a pillow or a key ring. Or how about a printed mug? You are already in a good mood over coffee in the morning.

Mother’s Day gifts with a personal engraving

Gifts on which you can have a personal engraving are also very personal. This can be, for example, a beautiful vase or a towel, but also a decorative accessory made of wood. This is how you combine the beautiful with the practical. Would you prefer to be active yourself? Then you should definitely try pyrography on wood.

Idea 3: Love goes through the stomach – the most delicious Mother’s Day gift ideas

Small treats are of course a very tasty gift idea for Mother’s Day. And who can say no to chocolate pralines or delicious truffles? It is best to arrange the sweets decoratively in a stylish tin. But fine tea, coffee, or wine are also true highlights of enjoyment. So pay a visit to the nearest deli. You are sure to find what you are looking for there and your mother will be happy about some rare specialties. Or do you have a talent for baking and enjoy being in the kitchen? Then conjure up your mother’s favorite cake or a wonderful cake. This requires a little more preparation time, but it is all the more popular. Perhaps you also have siblings who would like to help you with the project.

Another possibility: Surprise your mom with a delicious brunch. You can either order the delicacies home or cook and bake them yourself. Not only do you give your mother a great Mother’s Day present, but you can also spend time together. You can find out how you can easily bake waffles here, for example. Or you can be inspired by our article on the best brunch ideas for Mother’s Day.

Idea 4: Extraordinary jewelry as a gift idea for the stylish mom

Is your mother particularly fashion-conscious? Then you will not go wrong with a high-quality pair of earrings. Or you can get together with your siblings and buy a fine jewelry set or other fashionable accessories for your mother. The same applies here: It is imperative that you orient yourself to your taste and grab your mom’s favorite brand. Incidentally, these gifts can also be personalized with a beautiful engraving. What if your mother tends not to wear jewelry? Then a cozy cashmere scarf or high-quality cosmetics and care products are great Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Story by Rania Syno

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