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Best Business Uses for Pinterest


Pinterest is an important social network for a lot of people. However, despite the popularity of the site, many teams have a hard time finding the best business uses for Pinterest. This is, in part, due to the fact that Pinterest functions differently from other popular social networks. Fortunately, this difference makes it a valuable form of social media for business.

What Makes Pinterest Different?

Pinterest focuses on sharing ideas, items and images in the form of pins. Some people use the site to broadcast their own work, others use it to collect inspiration and still others use it to share the things they are interested in. It is more about curating and sharing things based on common themes in the form of boards than it is about connecting with friends like many other networks.

This pin system gears the social network more towards seeking out products, brands and services than other networks. For example, to find a clothing brand on Facebook or Twitter, you need to visit the page or feed for that brand. On Pinterest, you may find a collection of different, interesting clothes on a board that you like. These types of interactions make the site perfect for business use.

Share Product Visuals

Visual content plays a major role on Pinterest. The social media site is all about collecting content, the most compelling of which is usually photos or graphics. Creating boards and pins of products using strong visuals is one of the simplest and best business uses for Pinterest. Get potential customers excited for your products by sharing pins of them in use or that demonstrate valuable features.

As you use Pinterest analytics, you can hone your pins and boards. You’ll be able to see which boards your pins are on and who is interacting with them. Combined with your website analytics, you can even see which interactions are converting into sales and other desirable actions.

Share Inspiration

One of the most common personal uses for Pinterest is to find inspiration for buying decisions. People like to explore products and get a sense of what clicks for them, especially for aesthetic products such as clothing or décor. Pinterest users are unusually accepting of business activity compared to other social media. This is primarily because they want to engage with and be inspired by products.

Creating pins and boards using your products to offer that inspiration to potential customers is one of the best business uses for Pinterest. For example, if you sell clothing, share pins of outfits using your items. Alternatively, create boards around themes such as summer items.

Activate Your Existing Audience

Pinterest is all about sharing. One of the great uses for it is to encourage your existing audience to share with others. Many customers are happy to share the products they are interested in on social media provided that it makes sense in the context. Sharing a product page on Facebook may feel out of place but sharing a product pin fits in well with Pinterest.

The easier you make it for your existing audience to share their love of your brand, the more interest they will generate in your offerings. Furthermore, social media influencers may also want to share your pins. When you activate your audience, you greatly increase your brand footprint.

Direct Users to Product Pages

Pinterest is designed around curating content from other places on the internet. In many cases, users can click through to the source. Directing users straight to product pages promotes buying behavior. They get inspired and engaged by the pin, then click through to the page for make a purchase. This streamlined process is great for business.

Leverage Buyable Pins

Some of the best business uses for Pinterest are features the company designs to help brands advertise. Buyable pins allow users to purchase directly from the pin. This makes the buying process even more streamlined. This is especially strong when the pin encourages sharing. For example, if you make a buyable pin for a sale item, you can encourage your audience to share a buying button for your product.

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To discover more about social media for business, follow us here. Making the most of the digital world to market your business is no easy undertaking. Fortunately, with the help of the Boostability team, you can better manage your content to reach and engage your intended audience.

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