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‘Below Deck’ Season 5 Episode 10: Kiko gets cheered by guests even after Sandy fires him for disastrous menu

‘Below Deck’ Season 5 Episode 10: Kiko gets cheered by guests even after Sandy fires him for disastrous menu image

Hindrigo ‘Kiko’ Lorran was unofficially fired by Captain Sandy Yawn previous week. She told him they would discuss once the current charter was done, which meant that she didn’t intend to keep him any longer in her kitchen. Despite a few slip-ups here and there, Kiko did the best he could. He delivered meals on time and delicious ones too. However, Sandy was somehow convinced that his skillset didn’t match the superyacht standards.

But, the charter guests don’t think the same. They cheered Kiko for the food he made. Clearly, they were forgiving and wanted to put the disappointing Las Vegas-themed dinner behind them. Kiko couldn’t be happier when he saw every guest cheer for him. There couldn’t have been a more delightful send off for him. Kiko’s fans on social media will be delighted to see that people have continued to trust him no matter what. 

Interestingly, there’s this theory that Sandy might have conspired with Malia White to get Kiko off the yacht and bring in her (Malia’s) boyfriend, Tom Checketts, instead. Tom is a yacht chef. Some are saying this was all a well thought-out and well executed plan by Sandy and Malia. Whatever the case may be, it’s good that Kiko has been taken off the team because the pressure was building on him and the stress has been constant.

On day one of employment, Sandy sat everyone down and told each of them that they would be watched, especially the chef. Kiko was enthusiastic about proving to Sandy that he was the best choice for the season but along the way, he spiraled out of control, and from what fans say, her constant monitoring may have caused Kiko to fail. But this time, maybe Hannah Ferrier too can be partially blamed for Kiko’s disastrous menu plan. Fans have said yes to that. 

“So was Hannah like, sabatoging KiKO with that garbage menu? #BelowDeckMed,” a viewer asked, while another shared: “Hannah truly led Kiko astray with the Vegas dinner. Vegas is all about richness and opulence and indulgence. #BelowDeckMed.”

“Between Sandy & Hannah, Kiko didn’t have a chance. Both nights Hannah told him to make something other than what he planned. If Sandy really cared she would have asked what was on the Vegas night menu when she was micromanaging & rolling her eyes in the galley,” a user tweeted.

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