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Aaron Donald won’t wear face shield

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Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald doesn’t fear COVID-19. He is taking the precautions in the team facility and outside of it to try and remain healthy, but “once you are out there grinding with the guys, you kind of block all that out and it’s just football again.”

That’s why Donald hasn’t tried the new face shield.

“Honestly, I probably won’t even put that on,” Donald said in a videoconference Wednesday. “I need air when I’m out there running around and breathing with them long drives and stuff. I feel like, we’re out there; we’re playing up close. There is nothing you can really do. If a guy got it and I tackle the guy, then I probably got it because he is going to be sweating and spitting and slobbering all in my face. So, hopefully these guys are just doing what they need to do. The shield, they say it works, but I don’t really think it would, because the way football is played. Like I just said, that’s on guys doing what they need to do the right way outside of this facility, as long as guys do that, we’ll be fine.”

Oakley developed the shields, which cover the area over the nose and mouth and have holes to allow for breathing, as a way to limit the spread of droplets that could contain COVID-19. The face shields will be recommended but not required.

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt and Browns defensive end Myles Garrett also have said they won’t use a face shield.

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