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A Nicki Minaj Instagram Post Caused The Crocs Website To Crash

A Nicki Minaj Instagram Post Caused The Crocs Website To Crash

A Nicki Minaj Instagram Post Caused The Crocs Website To Crash image

We all know that Gen Z is a generation of gravediggers who can’t stay out of the early 2000s graveyard, digging up whatever bygone trend appeals to them, whether that be middle hair parts or baggy jeans or, most astonishingly, Crocs. The gaudy, shamefully comfortable rubber footwear that was once known as the favorite of toddlers, low-effort enthusiasts, Disneyland adults, and that chef, is now a major fashion moment for stylish teens, clout chasers, and TikTok types. So much so, that recent collaborations with artists like Post Malone, Bad Bunny, and Justin Bieber, as well as red carpet appearances, have caused Crocs’ stock to double in value. Gen Z wants their breathable cushiony footwear, and they want it NOW. Recently, Nicki Minaj posted a picture of herself wearing a pair of Crocs, and that alone was enough to crash the Crocs website.

Crocs hasn’t announced a collaboration with Nicki, and Nicki hasn’t said anything about a collaboration with Crocs. But still, the recent pictures she posted to Instagram hints at a collaboration, likely because she captioned the pictures “FRIDAY” with an emoji of crossed fingers. Is a Nicki x Crocs collaboration dropping on Friday or she talking about new music? Frankly, I’m too distracted by Nicki’s bare butt on that desk. Someone is going to have to clean that up and I’m not sure if Windex will do the trick.

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Page Six says that not very long after Nicki posted to Instagram, the Crocs website started throwing up error messages. And before the website crashed, sales of hot pink Crocs went through the roof:

What is obvious is that her fans are clamoring for the statement-making shoes. Thanks to her post, Minaj reportedly caused a 4,900% spike in sales of pink Crocs specifically and even crashed the retailer’s website.

A whole lot of Barbz really, really wanted to spend their summer looking like Running Errands Barbie. But another big question is, what a Nicki x Crocs collaboration might look like. Because as you can see by the accessories on her shoes, she might be running into a trademark issue with those shoes she’s wearing. The little decorations you pop into the holes of Crocs are called Jibbitz. And to the best of my knowledge, Crocs doesn’t have a contract with the House of Chanel. But for the sake of registered trademark laws, something tells me any shoes Nicki is pushing probably won’t have those Chanel logos on them. Then again, she might not even have a shoe deal with Crocs. There’s one person who should be happy about Nicki wearing Crocs, and that’s Cardi B. If Nicki ever decided to return the shoe-throwing favor, a rubber clog might hurt a lot less than a Louboutin.

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