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5 reasons why internal communication is important for your business

5 reasons why internal communication is important for your business

5 reasons why internal communication is important for your business image
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What is internal communication?

Internal communication (IC) is any communication within an organization. Its goal is to encourage employees to stay connected, informed, and cooperate.

The main resource of any business is people. Sooner or later, all managers come to this statement. And a powerful internal communication strategy yield benefits to you by making your employees feel involved in work and valued.

Whether your team has 20 or 2,000 members, they are all representatives of your brand. Their attitude towards the entire organization depends on understanding which company they work for, what is the purpose of their work, and what values ​​the company upholds. That is the attitude they will spread to all people around.

And this is an internal communication that can form the desired image of the company in the eyes of its employees.

Rather oddly today some companies are still broadcasting the message “Clients come first” because this affirmation is completely wrong. Employees come first, that is how it should be. Productive and happy employees will be happy to take care of your clients and in general, have a positive impact on the work performance of the company.

IC is about increasing productivity. If all your employees are able to collaborate, feel more valued and connected, they work so much better.

So what are these 5 reasons, and is it really that important to invest resources to improve internal communication in your company? Keep reading to find out.

5 reasons why internal communication is important

1. Provides your people with information

This is the most obvious reason, indeed. So let’s start with this one. The main reason why effective internal communication is important is that it helps inform your employees about upcoming events, projects, etc.

No one likes being the one kept in the dark. Your staff has to possess up-to-date information about who they are working for and the purpose of their work.

We all respect accuracy and transparency, don’t we? Such an attitude towards employees makes them feel that they are treated as equals. And this, in turn, improves the image of the manager and takes productivity to the next level.

2. Boosts working capacity

The principal internal communication tool is created as a means of sharing information. it depends on the chosen IC tactics. It can be meetings, a telephone line, e-mail, or even vibration of the air during conversations.

Promoting two-way communication around what’s happening at your organization improves the general mood among the employees. People appreciate when their needs are listened to. By giving them a voice, you make them feel valued and think that their contribution to the work of the company matters. And frankly speaking, that is true.

Working for a company that respects and cares for its employees is more satisfying. A contented and satisfied employee = an efficient employee.

3. Increases productivity and engagement

It is hardly an interesting job where you receive dozens of orders and don’t even understand their purpose. Sure, you can inform your employees via e-mail, write long letters that no one reads. Or you can create a communication space where information is disseminated more interactively. Thoughtful conversations promote engagement.

Answer questions, comment on important events, talk about goals of a particular project, encourage employees to communicate with each other and share ideas.

Employees who believe that their voice is important, that their ideas are worth listening to, work more productively.

4. Improves employee experience

Internal communication can be used to improve employee experiences.

Imagine a situation. You go to work, chat with colleagues and look forward to going back home. Such a snooze-fest!

It goes without saying that we can’t blame employees for having zero motivation because of doing boring, monotonous work from day to day and having no profit from what they do?

Almost every company has a reward system, but not every staff member knows about it. Organizations can use internal communication to advertise corporate events, the possibility of obtaining free sports club membership, or a 50% discount on your company’s services.For example, Modis Design uses this scheme.

5. Brings your staff together during the crisis

It would be a perfect world if things always went swimmingly. But in reality, every job has its ups and downs. In difficult times, internal communication becomes a very valuable tool. It is difficult to break bad news, especially if you don’t know how to do it right. Full transparency and tactful tone are necessary in such a situation. The way you deliver certain news will remain in your employees’ minds for a long time. Besides, presenting things the way they are, without concealing a single thing, causes respect to the manager.

Moreover, it is well known that office gossip spreads at almost the speed of light. Thus, another significant advantage of IC in times of crisis is that it dispels rumors. And again, full transparency in the management of the company can prevent negative situations.

So, now you have 5 reasons why internal communication is vital for the proper functioning of your company. What else is there to know?

Build your internal communication strategy correctly

What result do you want to achieve with the help of internal communication? What goals do you set for yourself? What should be improved, so that you can get the desired result? When would you like to reach the goal?

Answers to these questions will help you create a strategy of internal communications. How it is formulated depends on the needs of your business: it can be simpler or more complex, general or specific.

Of course, you don’t have to deal with this on your own. Fortunately, some agencies provide internal communication services. For example, Modis Design, here well-trained and experienced experts will explain to you in detail how to improve the IC in your company.

As a matter of fact, a well-planned IC strategy and tactics help you not to leave the right path and make the company more effective in internal communications.

Choose the right tools

We are all busy people, so the least that we need is a boring system of internal communications. Modern software solutions allow us to avoid it.

In 2021, companies have a plethora of tools available at their hand. Some of the types of internal communication tools companies can utilize include newsletters, video, conferencing, surveys, podcasts, social media, meetings with employees, internal training and workshops on important issues, various competitions, and corporate events, etc.


People, whoever they work for, want to be heard. And the greatest secret of every company’s success is based on listening to and hearing those whom you are responsible for.

The main pillar of any organization is employees, without them, there would be nothing. Take into account the opinion of your workers, promote those who work hard, motivate them!

Internal communication is the key to your company’s success.

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