Does he have any money to even pay his lawyer? Can’t see him escape the prospect of his spending rest of his life in prison. He seems to be heading towards Bill Cosby’s fate unless he has better luck which is unlikely.

Laughing Guy

11 minutes ago

R. Kelly is clearly an aberration but it amazes me how many families were willing to accept his money. I’m looking forward to the trial, though.

He obviously deeply disturbed and unable to stop doing the things he does. Louis CK was criticized heavily for this SNL monologue he delivered a few years ago before he was shunned for wanking. He was joking, but serious, talking about growing up in the 70’s and how everyone knew who the neighborhood child molester was and to stay away, etc….and he went on to talk about how child molesting to the child molester “must be really good” since they cannot stop doing it and they know how bad it is and the ramifications involved if/when caught…… Louis CK he starts on the rant at the 6:45 mark

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