At least two people died in Sussundenga, province of Manica, Mozambique, due to the collapse of the house where they lived. The bad weather in the center of the country has caused several floods. INGC has already distributed aid.

At least 194 families are displaced in the districts of Gondola, Sussundenga, and Chimoio, in the province of Manica, after dozens of houses were destroyed during the storm in central Mozambique.

The district of Mossurize and the administrative post of Dombe are isolated from the rest of the province following the collapse of bridges and the submerging of road sections. According to Borges Inácio Viagem, head of the Technical Department of the National Institute for Disaster Management (INGC), the intense rains caused the flow of the Lucite and Mussapa rivers to rise, flooding an extensive area of ​​agricultural fields.

Schlechtes Wetter zerstört Häuser und Brücken in Manica.Rain and strong river flows are destroying several buildings in Manica, Mozambique

As several roads are cut, thousands of people are abandoning villages in the lowlands of central Mozambique. The population is traveling in improvised canoes, an alternative considered “dangerous” by INGC authorities.

Distributed support

According to Borges Inácio Viagem, in Sussudenga, families affected by bad weather have already been supported with three tons of rice, 100 liters of oil, 450 kilos of butter beans and plastic rolls. To Moisturize, Borges said he sent 1,500 kilos of rice, 50 liters of edible oil, 500 kilos of butter beans and tarpaulins.

The Secretary of State in the province of Manica, Edson da Graça Macuácua, went to the district of Sussundenga to console the families who saw their homes destroyed. Macuácua advised the population to take refuge in safe areas.

Edson Macuácua, Staatssekretär in ManicaEdson da Graça Macuácua, Secretary of State in the province of Manica, speaks to the affected population

Alissony Dacarai, one of the victims in Sussudenga, said the rains are not giving up. “I lost all the production I had in the field beside my two houses that collapsed. I ask for help because I need tents to at least accommodate my family who is out in the open,” he lamented.

The current rainy season in Mozambique, from October to April, has killed at least 54 people and affected around 65,000, many with flooded homes, according to INGC data.

The 2018/2019 rainy season was one of the most severe in memory: 714 people died, including 648 victims of two cyclones (Idai and Kenneth) that hit Mozambique.


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